Top Landing Page Examples

Top Landing Page Examples

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If there’s one place that we all want to be, regardless of our age, location or sex is, “on top!”

(PS: don’t let your imagination run off to the bedroom; “on the top” isn’t only a reference to that!)

Does anyone disagree?

No? I thought so!

Just as every employee wants to climb on to the very top of the corporate ladder, marketers and website owners alike want their landing pages to be included amongst the top landing pages in their relative fields.

What do Top Landing Pages Have in Common?

Top landing pages aren’t on the top because of some fluke; they attain this position because all of their elements gel well together to form a complete whole.

Yes, that’s right top landing pages have attention grabbing CTAs, engaging copy, short contact forms, graphics that pull you in and last but definitely not the least headlines that make you STOP and take notice!

Examples of Top Landing Pages

To clarify what top landing pages are and what they look like, I have for you below landing pages of 5 big brand names, let’s analyze if these landing pages are just as big brand as the companies that they represent.



The ESPN landing page fulfills its promise of being one of the top landing pages; it has an effective CTA, precise copy and a short contact form. The graphic for me is a bit restricted however it still gives the reader a good sporty feeling.



The Square landing page leaves nothing to the imagination, the copy though short explains what the product is about, the graphic clearly shows how one can use the product, the headline is concise and the contact form short and sweet.

Square lives up to its reputation.


strawberry jam landing page

The graphic on the Strayberryjam landing page is relevant and colorful, the contact form is concise and the page also has endorsements on it, the only issue with the landing page is its copy that really doesn’t explain what the service is all about.


mozilla firefox landing page

The images on the FireFox landing page invoke human interest, the headline is short and gets its point across, the primary CTA is in a contrasting color and makes it clear to the reader that they can get the service for free, the secondary CTA could use a little more pop. The copy is just three simple points that establishes what Firefox stands for.


There’s a lot that can be said about the above landing page, let’s discuss first what they have done right; the headline is compelling and conveys to the reader what the service is about.

The CTA is quite dull and unimpressive, the graphic though somewhat relevant wouldn’t reel in the visitors. The secondary CTAs (if that’s what they were intended to be) won’t even get a second glance from a hurried visitor.

Overall I would say the landing page lacks the right oomph.

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