Global Blocks: Update All Your Landing Pages with One Click 

With Instablocks™ and Global Blocks, you can quickly create, update, and manage hundreds of post-click pages.

Todays Best Performing Marketers Deploy Unique Landing Pages for Every Campaign.

Instablocks and Global Blocks make it easy to build and update personalized post-click experiences for every campaign.

Build Faster

Build matching post-click experiences for targeted ads as quickly as you create ads.

Scale Operations 

Scale to hundreds of landing pages by eliminating repetitive content creation and updating.

Manage Effectively 

Update content and images across pages instantly with the click of a button. 

Ensure all pages are brand compliant with global templates. Edit a block once and your changes will be reflected on every page the block appears.

Global Blocks: Manage Global Templates Effortlessly 

Create customized, on-brand blocks to use on all your landing pages. Easily save and reuse header, footer, testimonial, customer review, product blocks, and more.

Custom Blocks: Stop Recreating Duplicate Content

Build lead gen, webinar, event pages, and more in a snap. Reduce repetitive work and create hundreds of personalized pages for your audience segments in minutes.

Personalization at Scale: Create

Pages for Every Campaign

More Instapage-Only Features to Boost Conversion Performance

Dynamic Text Replacement

Automatically customize landing page copy to match your ads.

Mobile-Responsive Pages

Create mobile-responsive landing pages in just one click.

Unlimited A/B Testing

Optimize your landing pages for conversions with A/B testing.

Real-Time Collaboration 

Receive instant feedback to get your pages reviewed and converting faster. 

Pixel-Perfect Design 

Effortlessly group, align, and distribute elements to create beautiful pages. 

Custom Code Editing

Easily create highly personalized landing pages with Javascript and HTML/CSS. 

Discover the Power of Global Blocks for Yourself

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