Autopilot Case Study

Autopilot Exceeds Conversions Goals With
Personalized Landing Pages

254% increase
254% increase

in free trial conversion

3.67% to 13%
3.67% to 13%

conversion improvement

50% cut
50% cut

in cost per conversion

Name: Autopilot
Employees: 54
Location: San Francisco, CA and Sydney, Australia

Founded in 2012, Autopilot is an email marketing and marketing automation software company with offices in San Francisco CA and Sydney, Australia. They are the digital marketing industry’s first self-service, multi-channel marketing solution. Autopilot helps companies easily visualize and automate the marketing journey.

Autopilot is on a mission to help the world’s companies move towards automation by being more accessible and affordable and by empowering visual orchestration of the customer journey.

Business Situation

Autopilot set aggressive growth goals that were dependent on capturing and converting new customers via their 30-day free trial. Autopilot built out a comprehensive lead generation campaign that offered gated content like webinars, free trial signups, ebooks, etc. and sent users to a generic tour page.

Their initial free trial conversion goals fell short.

Zero in on the Target

Autopilot refocused their landing page strategy by eliminating the generic tour page and sent all of their paid advertising to a dedicated keyword, message-matched landing page created on Instapage.

Instapage for the Save

After testing several landing page creation platforms Autopilot selected Instapage for its intuitive builder, advanced A/B testing capabilities, and its rich integrations ecosystem. As an added bonus the Autopilot tracking codes synced seamlessly.


Autopilot exceeded its growth goals by sending people to a keyword message-matched landing page built with Instapage versus a generic tour page.


The speed at which Autopilot was able to create, publish, optimize, and then run statistically significant A/B tests has had a huge impact in generating long-term gains and increase the company’s bottom line revenue.

The velocity at which Autopilot is able to create, publish test, optimize and iterate landing pages has been critical to their success.

Our partnership with Instapage has played an integral role in implementing Autopilot’s go-to-market strategy. The Autopilot tracking code syncs seamlessly and has been a big time-saver. Over the duration of our relationship with Instapage, we’ve watched our conversion rates soar.

Guy Marion - Former Chief Marketing Officer

We needed to launch pages quickly to convert paid advertising traffic for specific marketing goals. The first time I used Instapage, I built a fully optimized landing page that integrated with my existing tool stack in under an hour, without a developer.

Anne Fleshman - Former Director of Marketing, Demand Generation


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