The #1 Landing Page Platform Built for Agencies

Faster Results. Higher Conversions. More Revenue.

Help your clients succeed and keep them coming back to you for more. Eliminate developer bottlenecks, and shorten client review cycles.

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The Only Landing Page Solution Built for
Teams and Agencies

Instapage has the features you need to add value to your services and create a layer of distinctiveness for your brand.

Account Manager
Account Manager

Delight Your Clients.
Increase Retention.


Deliver Results Fast.
Grow Clientele.


Create Custom Pages.
On Brand.


Build trust and strengthen
agency / client relationships.

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The Landing Page is Where the Conversion Happens

Take control of the most important part of your advertising and growth services. Make landing pages an integral part of your product and service packages.

The Industry's Only Real Collaboration Tool

Speed up the design review process by allowing account team members and clients to offer feedback and communicate through the platform.

Agency Desinger
Designed for Agencies

Manage clients and their projects with subaccounts that enable deeper collaboration while maintaining client privacy. Offer a personalized experience with branded emails and reporting.

Intuitive Builder with Advanced Design Features

Build fully customizable, mobile responsive landing pages quickly without a developer. Design to your clients' brand guidelines with custom fonts, inline CSS editor, and advanced design features like alignment, grouping and distribution.

A/B Split Testing and Ongoing Optimization

Build multiple variations of your landing page and split test them to optimize for higher conversions. Offer ongoing optimization services to keep your clients for longer.

Advanced Analytics

Stay on top of key performance metrics.
Quickly build real-time reports for your clients.

Advanced Analitics
A Rich Integrations Ecosystem

Instapage offers more than 20 integrations across CRM, CMS, Marketing Automation, email marketing, and other tools.

Secure Pages with SSL

Enable your clients to comply with company security policies and increase conversions by securing all interactions on their landing pages.

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Agency Directory

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Affiliate Program

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Agency Spark Program

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