Double, triple, or quadruple your clients’ conversion rates with the Instapage AdWords Agency Spark Program.

Creating Great Ads for Clients but Getting a 3% Conversion Rate?

Personalized, mobile-responsive, keyword-matched landing pages, no developer needed.


Generate the ROI your clients expect by owning the post-click experience. The Instapage AdWords Agency Spark Program helps AdWords agencies:

In real-time to reduce bottlenecks in the landing page design review process.

Brilliant campaigns mean little when they’re not driving conversions.



AdWords management and post-click landing pages as a single service for clients.

Generate more conversions, increase Quality Scores, lower CPA, and drive more revenue.

With Instapage, see average conversion rates of 22% or higher.

Clients may have established processes around landing pages, but they also expect you to deliver results — whether it’s more leads, more conversions, lower cost per lead, or lower customer acquisition cost. Create personalized, mobile-responsive, keyword and message-matched landing pages for every ad, at scale.

Join the Instapage AdWords Agency Spark Program and start delivering results like this:

Ability to direct traffic to an Instapage landing page

No need to do any setup; we’ll get you started so you can focus on results. Just send us your worst performing landing page and we’ll build a better one for you.

Get all the value of Instapage for free, plus:

2 variations of your worst-performing page

All that’s required from you:

How the Program Works

Hard evidence for your clients to start leveraging landing pages

30 minute kickoff

"Instapage allows us to create multiple landing pages for each keyword and each ad group and really drive down that cost. Each Quality Score increase results in a 16% decrease for our client's cost-per-click."


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