The only landing page platform that offers an integrated collaboration solution.

Changing the Way Teams Work Together

Now your team or agency can create landing pages at scale, collaborate in real-time and put an end to repetitive, time-consuming delays that slow your campaigns.

Collaboration Is The Key To Success

Receive and respond to feedback right on the landing page

Secure Sharing

Invite clients' commentary by email or by sharing a private link

Edit and respond to comments within the platform 

Instant Feedback

Real-time Edits

The Instapage Collaboration Solution

Securely invite clients to review your design and give feedback

Eliminate the time-consuming bottlenecks inherent in the design review process.

Resolve issues and remove feedback thread on completion

Respond to comments and tag team members to instantly notify them

Include your organization’s legal and/or compliance teams as needed 

Provide feedback directly by clicking on the specific design element

View notifications for all landing pages in the Message Center

Account Managers

Significantly reduce the time it takes to go from brief to campaign launch. Work in real-time across all your teams and directly with your client. Increase revenue and frequency of client kudos.


Collaboration the way you need it: fast and thorough - delivered via an intuitive, and familiar interface. Feedback flows quickly in both directions, speeding time to completion of a project.


Keeping an open channel of communication with your client to enable detailed and instant feedback is the difference between a quick turnaround and a costly slowdown.

What Customers Say...

“A reality we often face is that design and review processes are far too fragmented, especially when you’re managing multiple collaborators, campaigns, clients, and deadlines. Instapage has taken that insight and created a landing page platform that all teams will need if they want to improve their workflows.”

Business Analyst

Liz Coppinger

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