What is a Landing Page? - Instapage Guide

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Last updated on May 18, 2017
Everything you need to know about optimized landing pages and the power they wield in scoring you more leads
Real-world landing page examples that show you the best conversion principles in action
Find out how A/B testing helps you create better landing pages, while discovering what elements you need to test on your pages
Learn how to seamlessly create landing pages from pre-optimized page templates, that win you conversions every time
Harness the power of landing pages and discover for yourself the industry’s best solution for optimizing ad spend
Identify and create the ideal landing pages to grow your business
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chapter 1

What are Landing Pages?

This guide begins by defining what landing pages are and how important landing pages can be to your marketing campaigns. It also displays the "landing page" Google trends graph showing how the term is increasing in demand. Chapter 1 concludes by explaining why they need to be a standalone page separate from a homepage.
chapter 2

Why are Landing Pages Important?

This chapter discusses message matching, conversion ratio, and A/B testing demonstrated by examples. These examples help describe landing pages' importance in generating conversions for your offers.
chapter 3

Main Components of a Successful Landing Page

All landing page elements are defined with best practices from headlines, images, copy, CTA, and more. Many real world examples are included to show how effective each page element can be to generate conversions. Plus, the one thing you should never include on your page.
chapter 4

Types of Landing Pages

Samples of the six most common types of landing pages are provided with examples of each type. The examples provided come from many different industries - showing once again how versatile and important landing pages are to all businesses.
chapter 5

Where Do You Use Your Landing Page?

Your prospects can't convert on your landing page if they don’t see it in the first place. You need to maximize promotional efforts to generate traffic to the page. From free techniques to paid promotion (PPC and social media), landing page promotion best practices are discussed here.
chapter 6

How Do I Create a Landing Page?

There are two methods to create a landing page. Each method is described in detail and how you can build a landing page from scratch in as little as three minutes! The key to is to use pre-built landing page templates and a fully customizable builder.
chapter 7

How to Improve Landing Page Conversions

After you’ve created your landing page, A/B testing is the best way to increase your conversion rate. This guide concludes by explaining the six prerequisites you should follow prior to A/B testing for best results - demonstrated by two visual examples.