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What is a Landing Page?

Chapter 1

What is a Landing Page?

Many marketers would have you believe a post-click landing page is simply any page a visitor lands on after clicking through an advertisement or promotional link. That’s incorrect.

While countless campaigns use a variety of website resources (like homepages, “About” pages, or “Contact Us” pages) as post-click landing pages, that does not make them post-click landing pages.

Think of it this way: You could use a baseball glove to retrieve a hot dish from the oven, but that doesn’t make your baseball glove an oven mitt.

Similarly, directing visitors to your homepage or “Contact Us” page doesn’t make those pages post-click landing pages. A post-click landing page is a standalone web page, disconnected from a website’s navigation, created for the sole purpose of convincing a visitor to act (to sign up, buy, download, etc.).

As businesses become more data-driven, post-click landing pages become more popular for their ability to deliver high ROI. Research has shown that companies using 40 or more post-click landing pages generate 120% more leads than those using less than 5.

Research shows creating more post-click landing pages leads to greater ROI

The interpretation of that data is simple: If you want more conversions, you need more post-click landing pages. And there are two major reasons why…

Why post-click landing pages convert better than other web pages

post-click landing pages are different from most other web pages in two major ways. Proceed to chapter 2 to learn why post-click landing pages were made to convert, and why you’re wasting your marketing budget by directing visitors to a homepage (or any other web page).

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