Instapage Improves Advertising ROI

Fully customizable landing pages that give your brand the unique emphasis it deserves

Mobile Responsive

Landing Pages

AdWords limits reach for poor site quality and slow load time on mobile. Let Instapage do the heavy lifting with automatically responsive pages. Achieve greater reach with tools like Mobile Aspect Ratio Locking, Mobile Element Grouping, and Mobile Alignment and Distribution.

Mobile and tablet search users outspend desktop users by $70/month.

Design Collaboration

The industry's only landing page design collaboration solution eliminates lag time and confusion from your design process. Centralize feedback from all collaborators within the specific page you are working on. Request new creative, suggest edits, and communicate with clients all within the platform.

Nearly 3 in 4 employers rate collaboration as very important.

Improve AdWords Quality Score

Improving AdWords Landing Page Experience raises Quality Score and lowers cost per conversion. Instapage makes it easy to duplicate pages and tailor each to the specific ad themes or individual sitelink extensions in just minutes.

Improving post-click experience can increase CTR by 18%, increase time-on-page by 30%, and lower bounce rate.

Custom Code Meets All Needs

Set up retargeting, audience building, tag management tools, and conversion tracking for AdWords or any other third party platform with the Instapage custom code editor. Simply paste your code or image pixel in the custom code field and start tracking goals.

Retargeted customers are 3x more likely to click on your ad than people who have not interacted with your business before. 

Increase conversion rates by testing page variants simultaneously. Track visitors and conversions side-by-side and optimize toward higher visitor engagement. Visualize results over time with our built-in analytics dashboard.

Autopilot increased their conversion rate by 254% using keyword message-matched landing pages.

AB Testing & Conversion Analysis

Keep Clients Close 

& Teammates Closer

Organize team workspaces, manage team interactions, and maintain client privacy by inviting team members to specific subaccounts. You can quickly grant domain publishing access to specific subaccounts, manage custom integrations, and securely publish to an external CMS via a token system.

SSL for Trust & Secure Communication

Assure your customers that their personal information is protected when they fill out your forms. Instapage offers SSL certificates for landing pages created on custom domains so you can offer visitors a secure experience.

84% of visitors would abandon a purchase if data was sent over an unsecure


#1 in Customer Service

The top review sites G2Crowd, Capterra, and others rank Instapage first in customer support. Our customer support team can solve any issue you encounter. 

Submit a ticket, reach out on live chat, or call us. Every support team member is an Instapage expert, AdWords certified, and can quickly help you solve any issue that might arise.

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