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Conversion Optimization

Why Landing Page Social Proof Sells & How to Use It Effectively

According to a report from Nielsen, 70% of people will trust a review from someone they’ve never even met. Consumers…

Landing Page Examples

Drive a Lift in Your Conversions with These 5 Lyft Landing Page Examples

A recent survey conducted by Zogby Analytics found that respondents born between 1982 and 2004 regularly use the…

Landing Page Examples

10 Free Trial Landing Page Examples: Let Your Prospects Sell Themselves

When car shoppers visit a dealership, they aren’t necessarily looking to buy right away. A car salesperson must…

Marketing Trends

4 Business Collaboration Trends That Are Changing the Way We Do Business

Innovative business collaboration techniques can improve your company’s productivity by 20 to 30%. In a competitive…

Lead Generation

Cross-Channel Marketing: Reach Your Customers Where They Are

According to a report from Accenture, 87% of Americans use a second screen device while watching TV. Google also reports…

Landing Page Examples

9 Effective Eloqua Landing Pages to Leverage in Your Next Digital Campaign

Acquired by Oracle in 2012, Eloqua is an industry leader in marketing automation by providing rich digital experiences…

Conversion Optimization

Trust or Bust: Why Trust Seals Can Make or Break a Sale

Is your company inspiring trust and consumer confidence online as much as possible? If not, you’ll quickly find out…

Landing Page Examples

How to Create Accounting Landing Pages That Aren’t Taxing to Look At

Today’s accounting companies must convince prospects that their firm has the expertise required and that using their…

Landing Page Examples

7 Pardot Landing Pages That Get Potential Customers to Act

As one of the leading marketing automation vendors, Pardot joined forces with Salesforce in 2012 to help marketers build…

Marketing Trends

Trends In the Modern Workplace: Is Your Business Up With the Times?

Before business casual was introduced in the 1990s, the workplace was a rigid place where employees conformed to cultural…