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Conversion Optimization

How to Interpret and Improve Your Google PageSpeed Insights Score

What may be the easiest way to boost your page’s conversion rate has nothing to do with improving your headline or changing…

Conversion Optimization

It’s All About the Journey: Using Advertising Landing Pages to Nurture Customers

Like a rose is a rose is a rose, your brand is your brand is your brand. Think of it like this. Your brand is like a…

Conversion Optimization

What to Look at in Your Preliminary Design Reviews

Placeholder text can confuse your visitors. The wrong font can obscure the message of your page. When so many small details…

Conversion Optimization

Using Marketing Landing Pages to Move Prospects Through Your Funnel

In about the time it takes to blink, online search users form a first impression about your brand. That means, 0.05 seconds…

Instapage Updates

The Instapage Platform Now Integrates with HubSpot

HubSpot single-handedly pioneered inbound marketing and sales by harnessing the power of content and understanding that…

Conversion Optimization

Website Homepage Design vs. Landing Page Design: What’s the Difference?

If you’re old enough to remember when a gallon of gas cost a dollar and Forrest Gump won an Oscar, you’ll probably…

Conversion Optimization

Directional Cues: Design Tips That Get Visitors to Take Action

You just finished designing your next landing page. You crafted a killer headline and subheadline, written ultra persuasive…

Conversion Optimization

What to Include on the Perfect Landing Page

Building a landing page for perfectionists is annoying, isn’t it? “Pick a new featured image,” they say. “That testimonial…

Marketing Agency Tips

The Future of Work Is Here, and It’s More Collaborative Than Ever

Grazing the California sky at a height of over 360 feet, coastal Redwoods stand taller than any other living thing on the…

Instapage Updates

Introducing the Industry’s First & Only Collaboration Solution

All marketing teams and agencies — whether they’re working in the same office, with freelancers, or remotely — endure the…