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Rewarded Video Ads: A Complete Overview, Benefits & Ad Specs

10 Page Speed Tools to See How Fast Your Landing Pages Load

4 Wells Fargo Landing Page Examples to Inspire Your Next Page Design


YouTube Bumper Ads: 6 Seconds to Maximize Reach & Brand Awareness

Released in 2016, YouTube’s bumper ads have given advertisers a creative way to increase brand awareness and reach. …

Google Ads

Universal App Campaigns: What are They, Best Practices & Setup

Universal App Campaigns are a great way to find new users for your mobile app. The ad campaign type allows you to advertise …

Google Ads

Make Your Paid Ads Perform Their Best with Google Responsive Search Ads

Google’s responsive search ads received a makeover that could revolutionize the platform’s A/B testing and …


What is Post-Click Optimization and How to Use it to Maximize Conversions

Digital advertisers continue to suffer massive losses every year — about 97% of marketing budgets go to waste because …

Google Ads

Google’s Mobile Speed Score: How Fast are Your Landing Pages?

Most people have all experienced it at one point — trying to pay a bill online, but not knowing if the payment …


25 Key Advertising Metrics All Digital Marketers Should Track

Whether you’re running paid ads on Google and Facebook or creating email landing page campaigns, without collecting …

A/B Split Testing

A Look Inside AdWords Smart Bidding & Automated Bidding Strategies

You’ve worked hard to create a stellar website. You’ve built quality AdWords campaigns and used experiments to …


How to Overcome the 7 Most Common Advertising Pain Points

When we think of pain points as advertisers, it’s usually in reference to our customers. These are customer pain …

Google Ads

Parallel Tracking: What is it & Why Google Ads is Making it Required

According to Google, even a one-second increase in page load time can decrease conversions by 20%. To better help …

Google Ads

How to Find, Add & Use Negative Keywords to Your Best Advantage

Every PPC marketer knows that paid search campaigns can’t run effectively without a well-rounded list of …

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