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Fully Responsive Page Experiences: Automatically Scale Your Content to Any Device & Browser

3 More Updates: AMP Custom Code, Overwrite Protection & Domain Setup

What Is AMP for Email & What Should You Know Before Trying It?

Instapage Updates

WordPress Landing Page Plugin – from Instapage!

As of March 2012 WordPress is on 72.4 million different websites around the globe making WordPress the most widely used and …

Conversion Optimization

10 iPhone App Landing Page Examples to Inspire Your Own Page Design

The app market is big right now; the Apple iOS app store adds 20,000 apps a month! That’s a big number, a number …

Instapage Updates

Here’s How We Made Our Mailchimp Landing Page Integration Even Better

At Instapage, we don’t just strive to bring you new and exciting integrations with the best marketing tools …

Conversion Optimization

What is a Pitch Page?

One hears the word pitch and our mind automatically crosses over to curve balls and splitters, and well it ought to because …

Conversion Optimization

Call to Action: Above or Below Fold?

Our lives revolve around questions; what to wear, what not to wear, what to say, what not to say, how to act, how not to …

Instapage Updates

MailChimp Integration is Here!

In February 2013, we announced the direct MailChimp integration for Instapage customers. This feature allows you to …

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How to Build an Effective Affiliate Landing Page

Everyone who enters a marathon does so to win. Nobody stands behind the start line aiming to come in last, enter a spelling …

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5 Elements of a Winning Sales Page Template

It’s in our nature to crave perfection. We just want to come out on top no matter what we’re doing; whether we …

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What is Landing Page Hosting?

I know the word hosting conjures up all these mental images of fine china, champagne glasses and incessant toasts, however, …

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What is an Android Landing Page?

Not a long time ago, the world was introduced to this thick yellow book that held within it the gateway to everything that …

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