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Conversion Optimization

5 Landing Page Headline Tips to Increase Conversions

Headlines of news stories, articles, blog posts and especially landing pages are extremely important because they …

Lead Generation

5 Items to Avoid on Lead Capture Forms

Tell me something honestly… when you decided to set up your landing page, which element was the last one on your …

Conversion Optimization

Social Media Campaigns and Your Landing Page

Twitter, Facebook or the relatively new Google+ have since long transformed their status from fads to necessities. Now, if …

Landing Page Examples

5 Landing Pages Utilizing Best Practices

It might be hard for you to learn that the landing page you spent so much of your time carefully putting together like one …

Conversion Optimization

Landing Page Headlines Utilize 3 Key Characteristics

It’s now time to turn to the headline of your landing page, the string of words that introduce your product or …

Conversion Optimization

6 Incredibly Effective Call-to-Action Examples

Today I’ll tell you exactly what the “Extraordinary tale of Great Landing Pages” series has in store for …

Conversion Optimization

4 Case Studies That Prove Real Estate Landing Pages Work

Three bedrooms, two baths, a swimming pool, and a front lawn. You know what you’re looking for in your first home, …

Instapage Updates

Instapage for Daily Deals, Promotions and Online Coupons

Enable your business to implement Groupon and other featured deals! Everywhere you look these days, you’re being …

Conversion Optimization

How to Get Google to Like Your Landing Pages

If you’re familiar with the online world then you know the impact of Google on the web. It reaches all corners of the …

Landing Page Examples

Basecamp Landing Page Analysis

Above the Fold “Over 5 million people worldwide have used Basecamp to collaborate on over 4 million projects, track …