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Conversion Optimization

5 Elements of a Winning Sales Page Template

It’s in our nature to crave perfection. We just want to come out on top no matter what we’re doing; whether we …

Conversion Optimization

3 Crucial Items Squeeze Page Templates Need

The fact that one needs a landing page in order to sell a product or service is no secret; it’s internet marketing …

Conversion Optimization

What is Landing Page Hosting?

I know the word hosting conjures up all these mental images of fine china, champagne glasses and incessant toasts, however, …

Conversion Optimization

What is an Android Landing Page?

Not a long time ago, the world was introduced to this thick yellow book that held within it the gateway to everything that …

Conversion Optimization

4 Powerful Ways to Increase Landing Page Trust

Let’s indulge in a hypothetical situation… You’ve been planning a great big feast for your family and …

Conversion Optimization

5 Landing Page Headline Tips to Increase Conversions

Headlines of news stories, articles, blog posts and especially landing pages are extremely important because they …

Lead Generation

5 Items to Avoid on Lead Capture Forms

Tell me something honestly… when you decided to set up your landing page, which element was the last one on your …

Landing Page Examples

5 Landing Pages Utilizing Best Practices

It might be hard for you to learn that the landing page you spent so much of your time carefully putting together like one …

Conversion Optimization

Landing Page Headlines Utilize 3 Key Characteristics

It’s now time to turn to the headline of your landing page, the string of words that introduce your product or …

Conversion Optimization

4 Case Studies That Prove Real Estate Landing Pages Work

Three bedrooms, two baths, a swimming pool, and a front lawn. You know what you’re looking for in your first home, …