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Comparing Google Ads vs. LinkedIn Ads & When Its Best to Use Each Ad Platform

Attention Advertisers: New Instagram Checkout Feature Gets You More Sales

The Benefits of & What to Look for When Hiring Full Service Agencies

Instapage Updates

Branded Email Notifications: Your Brand Deserves a Little Extra Attention

It’s taken some time, but you’ve got your agency in a good place. To do this you’ve avoided the primary …

Landing Page Examples

Get Them to Buy Now: 20 Sales Page Examples to Follow

The sale — it’s a marketer’s most coveted conversion. All of the free ebooks you’ve offered, …

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Instant Articles: The Next Big Thing or the Next Why Bother?

As many marketers have discovered through trial and error, patience is not something much of the general public has …

Conversion Optimization

The 4-Step Process That Guarantees More SaaS Free Trial Signups

One of the reasons 90% of startups fail is that the product is not perfect for the market. If your startup is part of the …


Dissecting the Anatomy of a Landing Page: What Makes a Healthy Page Tick

Every second you’re awake, your brain produces enough electricity to power a light bulb. The generators responsible …

Conversion Optimization

How to Use the Author Landing Page to Promote Your Work

The reclusive author is dead. His cabin is empty; his whiskey glass dry. He has uttered his last caustic remark. Evolution …

Conversion Optimization

5 Traits Your Hero Shot Needs to Make the Best, First Impression

One of the major drawbacks to selling products or services on the internet is that your customers don’t get a chance …


Retargeting Landing Pages: Why They’re Essential to Improving Conversions

We have bad news for you. “Approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy.” …

Landing Page Examples

5 Ways Airbnb Landing Pages Generate Massive Revenue

Nearly ten years ago, Joe Gebbia, the founder of hotel-alternative service Airbnb, unknowingly let a kidnapper spend the …

Landing Page Examples

The Medium Is in the Message: 20 Video Landing Page Examples

Online video: it’s not just for cute kittens and fail compilations anymore. 93% of today’s marketers say they …

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