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The 2019 Events You Will Find the Instapage Team

Eurosport Earns 30% Uplift and 20% Higher Conversion Rate with Instapage

Snapchat Ads: The Comprehensive Guide with Ad Specs, Targeting, Examples & More

Facebook Advertising

7 Reasons Why Landing Pages are Better than Facebook Lead Ads

In case you haven’t heard, many marketers are getting excited over the development of Facebook “Lead Ads,” the new way for …


2 Examples Why Your Google AdWords Landing Page Needs Message Matching

Have you ever left the theater when the movie was awful and you couldn’t waste any more time sitting there? I know … I …

Instapage Updates

How We Sold 10,000 Copies of Our Ebook Using Instapage

On a whim in December 2014, my friend Rob Wormley and I decided to write and launch an ebook as a way to share our …

Lead Generation

3 Simple Strategies for Getting Free Landing Page Traffic

You built Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts, established your monthly budget, confirmed the keyword phrases you are going to …

Conversion Optimization

Coming Soon Landing Page Examples

Movie trailers are insanely popular. The primary purpose of a movie trailers is to attract an audience by showing some …

Facebook Advertising

3 Incredibly Effective Facebook Ad Examples to Model Yours After

According to HubSpot, the number of businesses that consider Facebook to be critical to their business has increased by …

Conversion Optimization

5 Simple Tips for Creating Insanely Good CTA Buttons

Your landing page has three main jobs: It should engage your visitors. It should explain the benefits of your …

Lead Generation

7 Landing Page Trends You Should Consider for Higher Conversion Rates

Landing pages are where conversions happen. Yet, optimizing paid ads won’t have much of an impact on your advertising …

Instapage Updates

ActiveCampaign Integration is Here!

We’ve been busy launching new features, new integrations and partnerships, and more lately, and we wanted to make …

Instapage Updates

How to Publish a Landing Page on WordPress

Do you own a website, and manage your content with a CMS? You’re probably a WordPress customer. While we’d like …

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