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AMP vs. Facebook Instant Articles: The Pros, Cons & Why Advertisers Prefer AMP

Tips from the Pros: How to Personalize Emails to Get Your Highest Results

The Power of Market Segmentation & Why All Your Campaigns Need It

Instapage Updates

Step-By-Step: How to Integrate Instapage with Pardot

Instapage has over 40 integrations for digital marketers to connect forms and pass leads. In the integrations list, you may …

Lead Generation

MQL vs. SQL: What is the Difference & When Should You Pass Leads to Sales?

MQL vs. SQL is a common area of disagreement between marketing and sales. However, this is an issue that needs to be …

Conversion Optimization

The Best Mobile Landing Page Design Tips You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

There are a lot of resources online that address mobile landing page designs, but there isn’t a lot of specific …


What is the AMP Validator and How Does it Work?

Digital marketing success revolves around providing a positive user experience, and when a page fails to load at lightning …


Post-Click Optimization Q&A with Instapage Founder, Tyson Quick

Digital marketers are well-versed in pre-click strategies to optimize their campaigns. PPC ad headlines, search ad …


What is Post-Click Optimization and How to Use it to Maximize Conversions

Digital advertisers continue to suffer massive losses every year — about 97% of marketing budgets go to waste because …

Marketing Personalization

What is Personalized Marketing & How Can You Excel at It? [Examples]

Personalization has changed marketing from the bottom up, improving the customer experience, and, in turn, making …

Conversion Optimization

The 9 Primary Software Vendor Categories & How to Select the Best Vendors …

Software selection can be a daunting task since all businesses are unique with their requirements. There is plenty of …

AdWords Advertising

Google’s Mobile Speed Score: How Fast are Your Landing Pages?

Most people have all experienced it at one point — trying to pay a bill online, but not knowing if the payment …

Conversion Optimization

Why Pre-Click Strategies are Not Enough for Campaign Optimization

The buyer’s journey is more complex than ever and the most successful digital marketers understand they can’t …

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