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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Sponsored Messages: Tips & Best Practices to Promote Your Offer

In 2017, Facebook sponsored messages were released to supplement their click-to-Messenger ads. Click-to Messenger ads were …

Conversion Optimization

What Makes Up the Anatomy of a Landing Page? [Infographic]

When you hear the words “landing page anatomy” what comes to mind? Headline, image, form, CTA button? Sure, …

Instapage Updates

The Redesigned Instapage Dashboard: Q&A with Product Manager Yon Xiao

Over the past two years, we’ve made some significant designer enhancements to the Instapage builder. To name a few: …

AdWords Advertising

The 5 Primary Things to Know About Google AdWords Impression Share

As PPC experts, we live in a world of numbers and analysis. Particularly in AdWords, we are given a slew of metrics and …

AdWords Advertising

How to Use AdWords Income Targeting to Reach Your Ideal Audience

Recently I was targeted with ads for a 3D Pancake Printer. First, they pretty much nailed their interest targeting because …

Facebook Advertising

What are Facebook In-Stream Video Ads & Why are They Effective?

In 2017, digital advertisers were given a golden advertising opportunity: Facebook in-stream video ads. The social media …

AdWords Advertising

Everything You Should Know About AdWords Final URLs

In AdWords paid search campaigns, two URLs require careful consideration: the AdWords display URL and the AdWords final …


How to Use AdEspresso for Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook Ads may just be the most powerful PPC advertising platform available today. And while part of what makes the …

Instapage Updates

Breaking: We’re Partnering with Google to Create AMP Landing Pages

Google wants to provide its users the best possible experience at all times. Conversely, users expect their content to load …

AdWords Advertising

How to Leverage AdWords Audience Insights to Your Full Advantage

Ever been a ‘regular’ at a restaurant? You go there often enough that you’ve built relationships with the …