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What Is AMP for Email & What Should You Know Before Trying It?

Only From Instapage: Complete Facebook Ads Conversion, Cost & Attribution Analytics

The Instablocks™ Infographic Shows Digital Marketers the Smartest Way to Create & Scale Landing Pages


The Complete Guide to App Install Ads for Every Major Platform

The seismic growth in mobile usage — specifically app usage — has created an extremely competitive marketplace. …

Marketing Personalization

The 3 Most Common Use Cases for Personalization & Examples for Each

Too often, personalization is viewed as a technique for a specific tactic at a specific part of the funnel. For example: …

A/B Split Testing

A/B Testing the Instapage Homepage Part 2: Images vs. MP4 Animations

At Instapage we are big advocates of A/B testing; our team frequently runs tests on our PPC ads, post-click landing pages, …


LinkedIn Video Ads: Best Practices, Examples & Ad Specs [Free Guide]

LinkedIn has come a long way since its 2003 launch as a simple professional networking site. Now it’s the go-to …

Marketing Personalization

UTM Parameters: How to Use Them to Personalize Every Campaign

In 2005, Google purchased what would become known as the only “must-have” marketing software today: Google …

Instapage Updates

Personalization Q&A with Yon Xiao: More Details on the Instapage Solution

Personalization might be the most overused word in digital advertising. Brands know they need to provide consumers with the …

Instapage Updates

Now Available: Create Unique Experiences & 1:1 Ad-To-Page Personalization

Advertising audience data has exploded in the past decade with Facebook claiming to have 98 data points on users and Google …

Instapage Updates

The 2019 Events You Will Find the Instapage Team

The Instapage team was busy for 2018 conferences and events, and 2019 will be even busier. Last year was an excellent year …

Instapage Updates

Eurosport Earns 30% Uplift and 20% Higher Conversion Rate with Instapage

Did you watch the 2018 Winter Olympics? How about the US Open or Australian Open for tennis? If you were watching any of …


Snapchat Ads: The Comprehensive Guide with Ad Specs, Targeting, Examples …

Snapchat has been a game changer for social engagement since its inception. However, when it launched, other social …

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