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17 AI Content Generators Every Marketer Needs to Know About

by Fahad Muhammad in AI Marketing This image shows 17 AI content generation tools.

Every year, we see the same old story unfold—email marketing is dead, B2B cold calling no longer works, and content marketing is ineffective. The truth is, none of these marketing strategies are extinct, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, with the arrival and rapid growth of AI marketing and content generator tools, content marketing has never been a more competitive space.

Armed with the right AI content generator tool, you can tighten your content briefs, prep questions for customer interviews, get any content cobwebs out of the way, and, of course, get some help overcoming writer’s block. The chants of “AI content tools replacing human writers” are finally fading out—bringing to light that while AI marketing tools can’t take over for real marketers and writers, they can help them be more efficient with content creation.

Instapage’s State of AI Marketing Report found that while generative AI tools make it easy to produce content, that content still needs a professional touch to be finalized.

52.8% of marketing professionals reported minor edits to AI content, while 34.3% said AI content needs significant edits.

Comparison of original AI-generated content with edited versions, showcasing the extent of editing required.

There are countless AI content generators currently on the market promising to take tedious writing off your plate and make your job more efficient—not all tools have what it takes to become your partner in the strategic content marketing game. This is why we have curated and tested the top 17 AI content generators that help you save time and energy.

But first, let’s define what AI content generators are, how they work, and who uses them.

What are AI content generators?

AI content generators are platforms that use artificial intelligence algorithms to produce written content based on written prompts. The tools leverage natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to generate content that sounds like it was written by a human for other humans.

AI content generators can create a wide range of content, including articles, blog posts, social media content, marketing copy, product descriptions, and more. They are designed to assist content creators, marketers, and businesses in streamlining their content production process, saving time and effort while ensuring the creation of high-quality, engaging, and relevant content.

What do marketers use AI content generator tools for?

Social Media Marketers

AI content creation tools generate a myriad of short-form copy in seconds. Social media marketers can create multiple headlines, take out quotes for graphics, and craft copy for social media posts. AI content generators can also analyze user data and preferences to create personalized content tailored to specific audience segments.

Content writers and copywriters

While there’s a lot of debate about AI-driven content creation tools replacing human content creators, this can’t be farther from the truth. What the tools do is empower content writers and copywriters to save time on ideating and drafting content, analyzing data, and noticing trends in content that are driving the most results.

Content creators can leverage the time they save with AI tools to focus on other, more strategic aspects of their job to optimize the overall efficiency of their content production process.

Now that we’ve covered how AI content generators work and who uses them, let’s move to the list of AI platforms worth trying .

1. Jasper (Plans starting from $39/month)

Unlike other generic AI content generators, Jasper uses a marketer-centric algorithm to create high-performing content and scale up on-brand content. The platform incorporates features like campaign workflows tailored for emails, advertisements, and social media posts.

Jasper helps content writers craft content that’s in the correct tone of voice after feeding the AI your content or style guide. With Jasper, marketers can upload information about their business, audience, and content, and the AI analyzes that writing style to mimic your tone of voice.

Not only does the tool write on-brand content, but it also helps keep everyone on your team writing similar content because the platform understands just how important it is to keep a consistent message across all channels. You can save hours doing everyday copywriting tasks across your organization to streamline operations, giving your business a high ROAS.

2. ChatGPT (Free, paid version is also available)

ChatGPT hardly needs an introduction—whenever anyone talks about AI content, it’sthe first tool that comes to mind. ChatGPT essentially functions as a natural language processing (NLP) chatbot that excels at comprehending and generating human-like conversations and content, including Facebook posts, LinkedIn articles, blog posts, and more.

While ChatGPT has proved helpful at creating content, it is still a machine and so is prone to mistakes and, as such, cannot replace the nuances that come naturally to a human mind with original thought.

3. Content Bot (Plans start at $19/month)

Content Bot allows marketers and content writers to create customworkflows, run through imports, or use the drag-and-drop AI Writer to write copy.

You can try out the platform’s content generators for blog intros, conclusions, blog outlines, expanding on bullet points, and lots more. The platform is made for content writers, copywriters, and SEO specialists to help them create copy that engages audiences and content that informs and has all the right ingredients to help rank in search engines.

What makes Content Bot special is its AI Content Flow Builder, which marketers can use to add flows and triggers to their content marketing strategy.

4. Simplified (Free, paid plans start at $12/month)

Simplified helps you write long-form content faster using the platform’s Long Form Writer feature. You can create blogs, articles, and even books and use the platform to improve your copy, expand sentences, or even generate entire paragraphs after entering the right prompts.

Social media marketers can also use Simplified to generate Instagram captions, LinkedIn posts, Reels, and other video formats with the tool’s AI designer and AI video creator.

5. (Plans start at $29/month) helps content writers create people-first SEO content by combining AI writing with factual research, SEO data, and SERP analysis. What sets Outranking apart from other available AI content generators is that it provides suggestions to improve your SEO content originality. You can also input a search query, location, language, and title, and it will generate an SEO outline that you can then customize.

The tool also helps you utilize over 10 of the most important on-page SEO metrics and factors, including NLP terms, internal links, and related keywords. You can also automatically optimize for missing keywords and suggestions that help you follow SEO best practices that help you rank in SERP. Outranking’s strategy is backed by solid data and powered by cutting-edge Google NLP and OpenAI GPT-4 technology.

6. (Free, paid plans start at $36/month) requires minimum human intervention to generate articles, social media descriptions, copy, outlines, and blog ideas. The platform promises content writers can beat the blank page and create high-quality, SEO-friendly blog posts in a fraction of the time it currently takes them. After you have the draft, you can use your expertise to bring the draft home and produce content that can resonate with your target audience.

The platform helps you write long-form articles, social media posts and strategies, product descriptions, ad copy, and sales copy. also supports over 25 languages making it useful for content creators building global marketing campaigns.

7. WriteSonic (Free, paid plans start at $19/month)

Writesonic is an AI writer that helps you create SEO-friendly content for blogs, Facebook ads, Google ads, and Shopify websites. The platform integrates with Google, so you can rest assured it produces the latest information, delivering accurate and up-to-date content.

The platform has built-in keyword optimization and the option to add your list of keywords so your content can rank higher faster. The product feature that sets WriteSonic apart is Botsonic: you can train ChatGPT on your data and build smarter AI chatbots for your website.

8. Rytr (Free, paid plans start at $9/month)

Rytr helps you write a wide range of content, from blogs to emails to ad copy. You can use AI to produce catchy, original, and high-converting content in popular tones & languages in just a few seconds. You can pick a use case, feel the algorithm suitable prompts with context, and have everything ready in seconds.

What makes Ryter stand out is that it offers:

  • 40+ use cases and templates to choose from to cover all your writing needs, including business idea pitch, email, and SEO meta titles
  • The support of 30+ languages to write in your native tongue or foreign languages for your clients
  • 20+ tones of voice to write anything with the right emotion
  • Popular copywriting formulas, such as AIDA and PAS, to get the best quality output that requires minimal to no editing

9. Peppertype (Free trial available)

Peppertype is an AI platform built by the content marketplace Pepper Content. The tool helps writers generate copy ideas for social media captions, ads, and SEO meta descriptions.

While the platform works best for short-form copy outputs, it can assist with long-form content too. Within the platform, you can find the Content Rewriter, Content Simplifier, and Content Expander templates to help you with your content needs.

10. GrowthBar (7-day free trial)

GrowthBar is an AI writing tool that scans hundreds of results in the Google SERP to generate an SEO-optimized outline for your blog and website, including optimized headlines, keywords, internal links, and more.

GrowthBar specializes in over 20 languages and features keyword research, competitor research, AI chat, and many other AI tools, including a press release generator, email newsletter generator, and more.

Some key features that make GrowthBar stand out are:

  • You can create a fully optimized blog post in under 2 minutes. Of course, you then need to tweak it to make it your own
  • There’s a possibility to optimize older posts based on AI recommendations to help them rank in SERP
  • The platform integrates with WordPress, so you can write with AI directly in WordPress
  • Once you input the relevant information about your business, GrowthBar creates a custom AI model so that you can write every piece of content in your tone of voice
  • You can identify SEO opportunities with keyword research, competitor research, gap analysis, and rank tracking

11. Describely (Free, paid plans start at $9/month)

Marketers can use Describely to generate eCommerce product content faster and more efficiently. It helps you generate short-form content, such as ad copy, product descriptions, and taglines. You can easily create up to 15 content variations with different voices based on your campaign needs.

In addition to generating content based on use cases, you can automatically rewrite, enhance, or extend your sentences, which is handy when you have to audit your existing content.

Some features that make Describely stand out are:

  • The platform offers several integrations with popular tools, such as Frase, WooCommerce, Copysmith, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word
  • You can share the project’s files, folders, and content generator tools with team members and collaborate easily

12. Scalenut (Paid plans start at $39/month)

Scalenut is known for being a helpful AI writing assistant for creating long blog posts. Marketers can use it throughout content production, from keyword planning and topic research to writing a draft.

Start by entering keywords related to the content you want to write in the Topic Cluster tool. You can then move on to the Create Brief feature to edit the blog post outline by changing the headings or adding FAQ sections.

Marketers who rush to generate long blog posts in minutes can feed the platform a list of headlines to discuss, and the AI content generator will then automatically write the content. A word of caution: the tool’s output often contains glaring spelling errors, odd phrasing, and unnecessarily lofty language.

13. Content at Scale (Paid plans)

Content at Scale claims to be the world’s most human-like AI writer. The AI platform helps SEO marketers create high-quality, engaging content quickly and efficiently.

The platform can help you write research-backed, long-form blog posts of 2,500+ words in a few minutes. It works by crawling top-ranking content on Google and combining it into a fully optimized post. Of course, you must edit the content a little to make it reflect your brand’s tone and voice.

Content at Scale’s innovative AIO model saves marketers 10-25X the time and cost of human-only content creation. It also offers marketers a WordPress plugin that syncs directly with your website so that you can publish fully formatted content, embedded links, and much more.

Some key features that make Content at Scale stand out are:

  • The tool produces human-level content in your brand voice
  • The platform offers content writers customizable templates and design options so you can do your work your way
  • Syncs directly to WordPress with a plugin, so your work becomes much easier
  • Allows you to create high-volume quality content

14. LongShot AI (Paid plans start at $19/month)

LongShot AI claims to automatically create and fact-check content for marketers and content writers. The tool can generate various content types, including blog posts, sales emails, and meta descriptions. To start writing with the platform, simply choose the content type you wish to create and start feeding it relevant prompts.

LongShot’s primary downside is its complicated pricing and credit system. Each paid plan comes with limited credits, consumed when producing content or using features like the fact-checker. Navigating the system can be confusing because you must balance your monthly word count and feature usage.

Some key features that make Long Shot stand out are:

  • You can automatically detect and flag the parts of your content that include questionable facts
  • The tool suggests facts from authoritative websites with similar topics to help speed up your research process
  • You can create custom templates for your specific use cases

15. ShortlyAI (Paid plans start at $65/month)

ShortlyAI helps you write full-length articles with only a few sentences or brief descriptions. You only need to give the tool the article outline and click “Write for me” to get a brand new article or blog post.

You can also add old blog posts and articles and give specific prompts to rewrite, shorten, or expand sentences.

ShortlyAI doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, so it is much easier to use. However, it only generates articles and offers no additional research or marketing features. It is also pricier and doesn’t include a free trial.

Some key features that make ShortlyAI stand out are:

  • The platform’s simple UI consists of only an editor screen and a sidebar with three settings, so it is extremely easy to use
  • Users can write commands on the editor screen to adjust the content to meet their needs
  • With ShortlyAI, you can create unlimited articles with unlimited word counts

16. Kafkai (Paid plans start at $1/month)

Kafkai offers content writers blog post templates for 30+ topic niches, including health, automotive, education, business, and finance. To write a blog post, users must pick a template, enter their prompt, select the language and number of article variations, and Kafkai starts writing for them.

However, because of the limited features and content variations, the platform is only suitable for content writers.

17. Instapage (14-day free trial available)

Instapage’s AI Content Generator tool instantly generates content for each audience and ad group with AI-made headlines, paragraphs, and CTAs. Marketers can access AI creation directly in the Instapage builder without interrupting their workflow.

The AI Content feature allows customers to automatically create variations on provided copy snippets and visualize how those variations appear on the page. The Content Generator takes into account the use case, industry, and audience when creating copy variations.

You can create headlines, paragraphs, and button copy with the AI Content Generator, which means your landing page creation process is sorted. This feature is valuable for marketers who want to quickly scale page creation or create new content for A/B tests.

One of the powerful applications of AI in landing page design is the ability to create personalized content for different segments of your audience. Knowing your audience allows you to craft custom messaging that speaks to their values, goals, and pain points.

When using Instapage’s AI Content Generator, include information about your audience in the Audience field. Just a few words can help sharpen the system’s recommendations , taking you one step closer to the perfect turn of phrase.

With the AI feature, you get to experience the future and benefits of landing page personalization. The platform makes it easier than ever to build, test, and optimize your pages with the power of artificial intelligence.

Choose the right AI content generator tool for your needs

AI content generator tools help you produce more content in less time, making them powerful tools to help you achieve your marketing goals. Still, it’s important to stay mindful of their limitations and use them to complement your marketing expertise.

With the right balance of human ingenuity and AI-powered optimizations, you can create all types of content that engage audiences and drive results.

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