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What is a Pre-Roll Ad & Why Should Marketers Use Them in Campaigns?

The Agency Growth Formula Straight North Used to Expand Its Brand and Services

AMP FAQ: 13 Questions with Instapage Product Manager, Kevin Yang


What is a Pre-Roll Ad & Why Should Marketers Use Them in Campaigns?

From the title above and this opening sentence, I’ve convinced you to continue reading this article. And that only …

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5 Overlooked Marketing Channels Your Brand Can’t Afford to Ignore

If your paid search keyword strategy, Facebook ads, and automated emails aren’t generating any positive growth or …

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How to Use Facebook Carousel Ads to Your Advantage & Increase ROI

Since their 2014 launch, Facebook Carousel Ads have allowed countless businesses to accomplish a variety of goals, …


LinkedIn Account Based Marketing for All: How to Do It Right (Examples)

No brand wants to waste time or budget on uninterested consumers, which is why today’s digital marketing landscape is …

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5 Moz Landing Page Examples That Convert from Paid Ads & Facebook

Moz — a brand that traditionally focuses on SEO software and solving organic search rank formulas — ironically …


How Account Based Advertising Works, Complete Benefits & Why You Can’t …

Google display ad benchmarks show that targeted campaigns underperform with a paltry 0.09% click-through rate. It …


What are YouTube Overlay Ads & Why Should Marketers Use Them?

Based on the percentage of U.S. adults who use social media, YouTube has become the world’s largest social media …


Everything You Should Know to Master LinkedIn Sponsored Content & More

When you’ve finished creating valuable content, you need distribution channels to amplify its reach. LinkedIn is, and …

Landing Page Examples

10 Sign Up Landing Page Examples That Get Prospects to Convert

For sign up landing pages, the single goal you want prospects to complete is to register for your service. You must then …

Lead Generation

Email Conversion Rate 101: What You Should Know & 5 Ways to Boost Yours

Most advertisers make email marketing a top priority, simply because it’s the king of all marketing strategies, …

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