Stephanie Mialki

How We Hire at Instapage and What Managers Look for in New Candidates

17 of the Best Creative Advertising Ideas from Around the World

Facebook Cheat Sheet: News Feed Image Sizes, Ad Specs, Examples & More

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Cheat Sheet: News Feed Image Sizes, Ad Specs, Examples & More

Designing a high-performing Facebook ad can be challenging because not only must you stop people from scrolling, the ad …


What is Direct Response Advertising & What You Need to Maximize Its Impact

There are two primary types of online advertising: brand advertising and direct response advertising. Brand advertising is …

Landing Page Examples

4 Casper Landing Page Examples to Give You Optimization Ideas

Casper — the mattress brand with nearly one million customers, over 20,000 reviews on Google Trusted Stores, and tens …

Conversion Optimization

How to Create a Landing Page Wireframe with Tips from Experts

A landing page is often one of the first impressions people see of your brand, so it’s important to make it …


What is Brand Advertising, How is it Unique & Why Should You Use it?

No matter how much you tout the greatness of your product or service, that alone won’t guarantee success. In the …

Landing Page Examples

9 Security Landing Pages to Help Make Your Page More Trustworthy

As a company offering security services, prospects need to know they can trust what you have to offer. Their first …

AdWords Advertising

How to Find, Add & Use Negative Keywords to Your Best Advantage

Every PPC marketer knows that paid search campaigns can’t run effectively without a well-rounded list of …

Lead Generation

10 Ways to Lose a Lead & How You Can Prevent Them from Happening to You

Every experienced digital marketer knows that while acquiring leads can be difficult, losing a lead isn’t hard at …

Landing Page Examples

How Swell Uses Landing Pages & Retargeting to Increase Signups

It is becoming increasingly clear that personalization is key in the financial industry because when faced with the …

Landing Page Examples

6 SoFi Landing Pages to Influence Your Next Page Design

SoFi — the personal finance company that provides personal loans, mortgages, and student loan refinancing — …

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