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Snapchat Ads: The Comprehensive Guide with Ad Specs, Targeting, Examples & More

Best Practices for Email Subject Line Emojis to Maximize Campaign Results

LinkedIn Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which Platform Should You Use?

Instapage Updates

Increase Engagement and Get More Leads with Multistep Forms

Not every offer you have is top of funnel or one that can be redeemed with just name and/or email. The majority of offers …


GDPR Compliance: What You Can Expect from Instapage

It’s not often that a piece of legislation has such wide implications across the globe among many industries that …

A/B Split Testing

We A/B Tested Our Homepage & Here are the Results

At Instapage we talk about A/B testing a lot. And not just with landing pages either. We test our landing pages, Google …

Instapage Updates

FAQ: What You Need to Know About the Latest Product Updates

Note: Please keep in mind that these changes will not impact existing customers until August 2018. In the last 12 months, …

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