Ginny Tonkin

The Best Headline Formulas for Emails, Blogs, Social, Ads & More [Ebook]

5 of the Best Recruitment Landing Pages You Will Find [Case Study]

How to Use Bid Adjustments with Demographics and Affinity Audiences

Conversion Optimization

Marin Software Webinar Recap: Using Your Own Data & Amazon to Reach New …

If you keep up with our blog, you already know that two companies control a majority of the digital ad landscape — …

Instapage Updates

Marketo Webinar Summary: Get Their Top 4 Demand Generation Secrets

A top goal for all marketers and advertisers is to figure out how to win at demand gen. The problem is that everyone seems …


The Bing Webinar Recap: Don’t Miss Out on 66 Million Prospects

If it’s been a while since you thought about Bing as part of your advertising mix, it’s time you reevaluate. …

Conversion Optimization

The HubSpot Webinar Recap: Using Chatbots in Demand Gen Campaigns

Chatbots are quickly becoming the next big thing in lead generation for the simple fact that people seek immediacy with …

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