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Instapage Updates

Our Content Marketing Guide is Here: How to Create an Impactful Strategy

Content marketing is a strategic approach centered around creating and distributing valuable assets such as blog articles, …

Advertising Personalization

How to Incorporate Customer Journey Mapping Into Your Marketing Strategy

A marketer’s primary focus is to predict and influence customer behavior. Every buyer persona you create, every ad …

Advertising Personalization

Persistence Pays Off: Check Out Our Remarketing Guide & Win Back Visitors

Remarketing campaigns present you with the opportunity to call back the 96% of visitors who’ve navigated from your …

Instapage Updates

Receive More Value from Instapage with These 13 Landing Page Product Features

At Instapage, we believe specific solutions are often the more powerful solutions. We’ve created a platform that …

Conversion Optimization

Retargeting 101: Everything You Need to Get Started and Achieve Greater ROI

For marketers, there may be no scarier statistic than this: 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy. …

AdWords Advertising

Create Higher Converting Ads by Following These 5 Ad Optimization Levels

Did you know that the triangle is the strongest shape found in nature? Any added force on a triangle is evenly spread …

AdWords Advertising

Maximize Your Ad Spend ROI with Post-Click Optimization

There are a lot of requirements you must pass to have your ad published on search engines and social media networks. This …

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Always Be Closing: The Instapage Sales Page Guide Is Here

No matter the industry, the ultimate goal for any business is to secure customers and sales for the product or service …

Instapage Updates

Available Now: Specially Curated Guide of the Best Landing Page Examples

No matter what industry you operate in, landing pages are the gateways to targeting your specific audience, collecting …

Instapage Updates

Start Here: The Most Comprehensive Lead Capture Guide Available

One of the biggest mistakes marketers continue to make is sending prospects to their homepage. The problem with that is …