What is Conversion Rate Optimization? - Instapage Guide

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Last updated on May 18, 2017
Discover how conversion rate optimization practices can optimize your marketing funnel, helping you not only gain customers but retain them as well
Find out the exact optimization steps you need to perform at different stages of the marketing funnel
Learn about the data collection strategies that help you measure the impact conversion rate optimization has on your funnel
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chapter 1

What is CRO?

This chapter defines what conversion rate optimization is and what role it plays in optimizing your marketing funnel.
chapter 2

What are the Major Components of a CRO strategy?

Elements of conversion rate optimization are discussed in detail in this chapter, with an emphasis on top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel CRO strategies.
chapter 3

Components of an Optimized Ad

What makes an ad clickable? The chapter gives you an insight into how to create PPC and display ads that are relevant and click-worthy.
chapter 4

Components of an Optimized Landing Page

Discussed in this chapter are all the elements you need to create an optimized landing page. A landing page that is designed to persuade visitors to fulfill your conversion goal.
chapter 5

Components of an Optimized Homepage

Homepages are busy pages featuring multiple offers at any given time. How can you optimize your homepage and convince visitors to become customers is what we’ll discuss in this chapter.
chapter 6

Components of an Optimized Post-Click Experience

Just getting a click is not the end of your journey as a marketer – the post-click experience is also ripe with conversion opportunities. This chapter goes into detail on how you can optimize the post-click experience for your visitors.
chapter 7

Components of Optimized Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing allows you to call back visitors who have strayed away from your landing page or homepage. Learn how you can make your remarketing efforts count by learning how to optimize every retargeting step.
chapter 8

How to Collect Data for CRO

Data collection is an important part of your conversion rate optimization strategy. Discover all the different data collection techniques you need to use in this chapter.
chapter 9

Notable Conversion Rate Optimization Trends

This chapter discusses the latest trends in the conversion rate optimization field. Find out if you should be using any of these trends in your funnel, by looking at real world examples.