How to Create a Landing Page - Instapage Guide

Why should you read this guide?

Last updated on September 21, 2017
Learn all of the basics that go behind creating and promoting landing pages to generate more leads for your campaigns
Study the landing page prerequisites before creating your page for maximum impact
Find out which core elements make up optimized landing pages by showing real landing page examples
Discover the different options you have to create your landing pages and learn the pros and cons of each approach
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chapter 1

Why Should You Create a Landing Page?

The guide begins with a crash course on landing page basics. Not only are landing pages defined in this chapter, but you see them compared with website homepage examples.
chapter 2

What Should I Do Before and After Creating My Landing Page?

For your landing pages to be successful at generating leads, it’s recommended you perform certain tasks. This chapter discusses landing page essentials you should perfect before you create a page and what should be done once it’s published.
chapter 3

What Should I Include on My Landing Page?

There are certain elements you must include on your landing page to ensure an optimized experience for your visitors. Take a look at these items with reference to real landing pages.
chapter 4

What Options Do I Have to Create My Landing Page?

This chapter talks about the options available to marketers to create landing pages. The advantages and disadvantages of each option are discussed to help you make the right choice.
chapter 5

Step by Step Process to Creating Your Landing Page

Learn how to create landing pages with simple easy-to-follow steps. All of the steps are discussed with the help of images using our landing page software.
chapter 6

How Can I Promote My Landing Page?

Simply creating a landing page doesn’t generate leads. This chapter describes everything you should do to promote your landing pages across paid and free channels.