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Facebook Advertising

The End of Facebook Partner Categories: What You Can Do Next

It’s bad news if you’re an advertiser on Facebook. In a recent blog post, the social network announced it would …

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Sponsored Messages: Tips & Best Practices to Promote Your Offer

In 2017, Facebook sponsored messages were released to supplement their click-to-Messenger ads. Click-to Messenger ads were …

Facebook Advertising

What are Facebook In-Stream Video Ads & Why are They Effective?

In 2017, digital advertisers were given a golden advertising opportunity: Facebook in-stream video ads. The social media …


How to Use AdEspresso for Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook Ads may just be the most powerful PPC advertising platform available today. And while part of what makes the …

Facebook Advertising

How to Use Facebook Retargeting to Create Qualified Leads Consistently

Whether you’ve been in business for 2 months or 20 years, consistently generating new leads is essential for …

Facebook Advertising

The Facebook Retargeting Pixel: What Does It Do & Why Do You Need It?

Beyond its massive audience, there’s no shortage of reasons Facebook is an advertiser’s dream: engaging ad …

AdWords Advertising

Know Before You Spend: The Best Digital Advertising Channels

Conventional advertising techniques like newspaper ads and direct mail flyers may have proven successful in years past, but …

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Dynamic Ads: How to Get Started

Facebook is at it again. This time, the team at the social network has solved a problem that’s plagued advertisers …

Facebook Advertising

Why Facebook Sponsored Ads Need to Be Part of Your Advertising Strategy

Facebook sponsored ads can be daunting, but they are essential to any social media advertising campaign. There are 2.01 …

Facebook Advertising

15 Examples of the Best Facebook Ads to Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

With 2.01 billion monthly active users and 1.32 billion daily active users, it’s undeniable that Facebook is …