Ted Vrountas

How Donation Landing Pages Were Used in the 2018 Midterm Elections

Facebook Slideshow Ads: How They Work, Best Practices & Ad Specs

23 of the Most Popular SaaS Vendors Leading the Market Today

Conversion Optimization

23 of the Most Popular SaaS Vendors Leading the Market Today

Today, a whopping 6,000+ marketing technology vendors pack the industry to its brim. And as the marketing technology …

Lead Generation

The Do’s and Don’ts of Nurturing Leads Every Digital Marketer …

True or false: Lead nurturing is a small part of your marketing strategy. False: It’s nearly the entire thing. …

Facebook Advertising

Every Facebook Ad Format Complete with Ad Specs, Placements & More

Despite recent negative PR, Facebook is still the social network every brand has a place on. For B2C retailers to B2B …


The Best Headline Formulas for Emails, Blogs, Social, Ads & More [Ebook]

What do you call an article without a good headline? Unread. Okay, bad joke. But it’s true. Bad headlines can make …

Landing Page Examples

30 Ecommerce Landing Page Examples to Influence Your Next Page Design

Ecommerce landing pages aren’t getting the job done. Compared to other landing pages, they’re converting fewer …

Google Ads

Comparing Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Which Platform is Best?

For business owners, it’s a common question: When it comes to Facebook ads vs. Google ads, where is your budget …

Conversion Optimization

10 Proven Ways How to Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rate

If you ask most digital marketers how their mobile CRO is progressing, you’re likely to hear a “huh?” …

Conversion Optimization

An Introduction & In-Depth Look at How Google Tag Manager Works

The best campaigns start with prospect data: who your visitors are, what they’ve done, how to reach them next. The …


Simplifying the Header Bidding Process & What Marketers Should Know

While more efficient than traditional ad buying, programmatic ad buying still has its drawbacks. Among them are lost …

Marketing Agency Tips

11 Proven Ways Your Boutique Agency Can Win Clients Over Larger Agencies

They say second place is the first loser, but in 1962, Avis begged to differ. With their “We Try Harder” …

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