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How Slow Mobile Page Speeds Are Ruining Your Conversion Rates

Last updated on March 21, 2017 by Ted Vrountas in Conversion Rate Optimization

There’s a good chance bad landing page design is costing you at least half of your PPC budget, recent research from Google suggests. Data from the search engine giant indicates that over one in two mobile internet users will abandon a web page if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds. And as of February 2017,Read More >

Creating a Visual Hierarchy: The Art of Capturing Attention

Last updated on March 14, 2017 by Ted Vrountas in Conversion Rate Optimization

“Should I trash this or read it?” research subjects wonder as they examine a piece of direct mail. From top to bottom they evaluate the letter, and after just 11 seconds they make a decision. During that time, experimenters from Munich’s Direct Marketing Association notice something peculiar about subjects’ eyes. They don’t follow a linearRead More >

Landing Page Copywriting for Every Type of Landing Page

Last updated on March 15, 2017 by Ted Vrountas in Conversion Rate Optimization

Would you sell a car the same way you’d sell a windshield ice scraper? Of course not. They’re two completely different products that, while related, come with a whole different set of benefits and objections. To emphasize those benefits and overcome those objections, you’d use a different vocabulary for each. To sell the car youRead More >

When to Seek the Local and Global Maximum With Your A/B Testing

Last updated on March 5, 2017 by Ted Vrountas in A/B Split Testing

Imagine you’re climbing Mount Everest in a thick fog with amnesia. You can see only as far as your outstretched hand. You don’t know where you are or what direction to head in, only that you need to reach the peak. What are the odds you do? Probably as low as the mountain is high.Read More >

How to Plan and Create the Perfect Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

Last updated on March 2, 2017 by Ted Vrountas in Conversion Rate Optimization

Miss Scarlet, in the kitchen, with a mobile device. Professor Plum, in class, with a laptop computer. It’s like today’s marketers have to play their own version of customer Clue. When the path to purchase can start or end at any time, in any location, on any device, it’s becoming more necessary for businesses toRead More >

10 Agency Landing Page Examples That Successfully Market to Marketers

Last updated on February 27, 2017 by Ted Vrountas in Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketing Agency Tips

Nine out of ten marketing agencies generate new business from an unreliable source: referrals. If you’re earning all your clients through word of mouth, you could be unknowingly sabotaging your agency’s growth. Prospects referred to you aren’t always the right fit, and even worse, they don’t come consistently. To scale your business, you need aRead More >

How to Use Your Marketing Funnel to Find Your Perfect Match

Last updated on February 14, 2017 by Ted Vrountas in Conversion Rate Optimization

Videos of proposals gone wrong make me cringe more than any other kind. Whether they happen at half-court in front of 10,000 people, or at a food court (really?) in front of Sbarro’s, as a marketer I can’t help but think the same thing every time I see one: This relationship wasn’t nurtured properly. TheRead More >

Multivariate Testing: How to Run the Best Tests for the Best Results

Last updated on February 9, 2017 by Ted Vrountas in A/B Split Testing

A/B testing is one of the easiest ways to find optimization ideas for your landing pages, but it’s not always the most efficient way. Before you start testing two, three, or four pages at a time, find out how to test even more, and discover the best combination of elements to convert your visitors. A/BRead More >

How to Intelligently Introduce New Collaboration Software to Your Team

Last updated on February 7, 2017 by Ted Vrountas in Marketing Agency Tips

Getting your team to adopt that new tool isn’t as easy as you think. In fact, forcing them to has the potential to throw your entire business into chaos. Studies show that employee apathy, instances of quitting, and hostility toward managers can all increase when you implement change the wrong way. Employee apathy, quitting, andRead More >

Is Your CTA the Best Call-To-Action? 4 Ways to Find Out

Last updated on February 2, 2017 by Ted Vrountas in Conversion Rate Optimization

It feels a little like picking lottery numbers, doesn’t it? When countless word, color, and shape combinations have the potential to send your business’s sales soaring, which one will you choose for your call-to-action? Which one will convince your audience to click their mouse and claim your offer? There’s a lot that factors into theRead More >

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