Paul Boynton

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Breaking Down eBay Promoted Listings: How to Get More People to Buy From You

How to Use Consumers' Purchase Intent to Generate Leads & Sales


How to Use Photography in Advertising to Engage and Inspire Your Audience

Advertising and photography have long been linked with each other. In fact, it’s been nearly a century since …

Google Ads

How to Optimize the Landing Page Experience [New Guide]

Human beings are creatures of habit. When the warmth and fuzziness of familiarity are yanked from beneath our feet, some …


The Ad Tech Stack Top Advertisers Use to Connect with Their Audience

The convergence of rapidly evolving technologies and an expansive digital landscape has provided advertisers new abilities …


YouTube Director Mix: Create Impactful Video Ads with Less Resources

One of the many benefits the digital age has brought to the advertising world is the ability to target specific components …


Motivation, Ability, and Trigger: How Using the Fogg Behavior Model Increases …

The concept of convergence can be seen throughout all facets of marketing. Products and services converge with timing to …

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