What is A/B Testing? - Chapter 6

What Tools Do I Need?

Last updated on June 27, 2016

When it comes time to perform A/B tests, there are many tools available, such as Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer.

However, when A/B testing landing pages, Instapage takes the lead because it allows you to easily create, but also test your pages with the help of a simple builder that even novice marketers can master.

Instapage simplifies the A/B testing process, with the help of its fully customizable builder you can create landing page variations with just a few clicks, like this:

Instapage Page Variations Example

Instapage allows you to track all form submissions and button clicks as successful conversions.

Every variation you create with Instapage has four options found within its dropdown menu (Duplicate, Pause, Transfer, Delete):

  • Duplicate: copy a specific variation when creating a new test
  • Pause: temporarily prevent page visitors from seeing this variation (all stats are saved)
  • Transfer: transfer the variation to another landing page
  • Delete: remove a variation completely (all optimization stats will be deleted)

Instapage Page Variations Menu Example

Your A/B testing results are tabulated on an easy-to-understand analytics dashboard, with the following four primary metrics:

  • Visitors: the number of unique visitors that have viewed a particular landing page variation.
  • Conversions: the number of visitors who have filled out a form or clicked a CTA button on a variation.
  • Conversion Rate: the percentage of visitors that turned into a conversion on a particular page variation.
  • Improvement: the difference between the conversion rate tested against the control version and variation A.

For more information, please read our help section article here.

Yes, there are other testing tools on the market. However, nothing beats the simplicity and ease that Instapage offers.

A/B testing allows you to measure — without any assumptions — exactly which marketing message your potential customers prefer. The tests offer marketers the unique opportunity to increase their conversion rates based on a mix of hard science and customer behavior.

Want better conversion rates? Build your landing pages with Instapage and start A/B testing today.