What is A/B Testing?

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Last updated on November 7, 2016
Learn how to take the guesswork out of landing page conversion optimization
Find out the correct way to conduct A/B tests by fulfilling some prerequisites. Discover what those are and perform your tests the right way
Understand the complete A/B testing process with the help of actual landing page case studies, and see how you can increase conversions
Realize that not all A/B testing tools are created equal. Find out which testing method suits your marketing needs the best
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chapter 1

A/B Testing Overview

This chapter discusses the basics of A/B testing and how it allows you to statistically prove which combination of landing page elements is most successful at converting visitors into leads.
chapter 2

What are the Prerequisites of A/B Testing?

The six A/B testing prerequisites are explained and why they should be completed for your tests to be successful.
chapter 3

What is the A/B Testing Process?

The A/B testing process is broken down into four steps, with a focus on how to correctly interpret your testing results.
chapter 4

A/B Testing Best Practices

Three best practices, seven major mistakes, and eight page elements you should be testing are all discussed here using real A/B testing case studies.
chapter 5

Advanced Guide to A/B Testing

This chapter explains the differences between multivariate testing and A/B testing. The chapter also highlights the pros and cons of each testing methodology and when to use each method.
chapter 6

What Tools Do I Need?

The success of your A/B tests depends on the tool you are using. This chapter discusses different A/B testing tools you can use, screenshots of a testing analytics dashboard, and how to interpret the data.