A/B Testing For More Conversions: The Instapage Guide For All Levels

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Last updated on September 1, 2017
Discover how to use A/B testing to boost your landing page conversion rate.
Learn what testable landing page elements have an impact on your conversion rate.
Find out if you’re ready to start A/B testing, or if your time would be better spent optimizing other aspects of your campaign.
From beginning to end, learn the step-by-step process the best optimizers use to A/B test.
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chapter 1

A/B Testing Overview

In this brief introduction, learn what A/B testing is, how it works, and the things you can test to improve your landing pages.
chapter 2

Questions to ask Yourself Before A/B Testing

In this chapter, determine your readiness to A/B test by asking yourself 5 crucial questions.
chapter 3

What Does the A/B Testing Process Look Like?

Learn, step-by-step, what you need to do to A/B test your landing pages in this chapter.
chapter 4

The Most Common Threats to Your A/B Test’s Validity

In this section, find out why the results of your test might not be as valuable as you think, and learn ways to prevent outside factors from poisoning your data.
chapter 5

The Most Common A/B Testing Mistakes

Even regular practitioners make mistakes without realizing. In this chapter, learn what you can do to keep from making business decisions based on bad test results.
chapter 6

What Tools Do I Need to Get Started?

A good A/B tester understands the importance of professional tools. Find out how experts ensure accuracy and efficiency with the right A/B testing software.