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Chapter 5


Your landing page can use media in the following three formats:

  1. Images
  2. Video
  3. Gifs

And media helps you get conversions because it:

  1. Helps you empathize with your visitors
  2. Helps explain what your product does
  3. Makes your page more visually appealing

Not all media you place on your landing pages, however, fulfill these three goals. To have the right effect on your visitors, your media needs to be relevant and assist in getting you a conversion.

Let’s discuss the three different formats of media separately:


You can use images on your landing pages for the following purposes:

Take your customers on guided product tours: Instead of writing paragraphs of copy on your landing page to showcase features, use images and add some visual appeal to your page.

This is what one variation of Wrike’s landing page does:

Wrike Landing Page Example 2

Other than using images for product tours, you can also use them to perform the following functions on a landing page:

Introduce your team: Personalized landing pages persuade visitors to click your CTA button because they start identifying with your offer and by extension your team. Where it’s relevant, add a picture of your employees and let your customers see the people behind the offer.

This is what Noah Kagan does on his landing page:

AppSumo Landing Page Example

Including a picture of the speaker and/or host is an essential element on webinar landing pages. Kissmetrics does exactly that on their webinar landing page:

Kissmetrics Landing Page Example 3

The page includes the hero shots of both the speaker and the webinar host.

Another example is Kapost, by including a hero shot of the guest speaker:

Kapost Webinar Landing Page Example

Narrate a Story: You can also use a series of images or graphics on your landing page to narrate a story. Narratives work well on longer landing pages because they help engage the visitor throughout the longer page and encourages them to click the CTA button at the end.

The VWO landing page does exactly this:

VWO Landing Page Example


Statistics show that 95% of viewers retain the messages in videos, so it’s highly recommend you consider adding a video to increase your landing page conversion rates. In fact, according to EyeView Digital, videos have proven to increase conversions by as much as 80%.

Videos do the talking for you. They lend a human voice to your brand — making the page more enticing. They also help explain the value of your offer quickly, enabling prospects to make a choice in your favor and click the call to action button.

Web pages with video have more engagement compared to pages with text and images. On average, a user stays on a page with text and images for only 43 seconds, whereas a visit to a page with video lasts for about 5 minutes and 50 seconds.

Landing page videos explain how the service/product works.

The Salesforce landing page does exactly this:

Salesforce Landing Page Example 2

Where you place videos on a page depends on the type of page you’re creating. For short-form pages and pages that contain less copy, the video should be showcased fairly quickly because it’s the primary source of information for visitors. For longer sales pages, the video can come after you’ve explained your offer with copy.

The placement of video is a judgment call. To find out if you’ve placed the video at the right location on your page, spend some time A/B testing different video placements.

However, not all landing page videos are effective. To ensure your video adds value to the offer, make sure that the video:

  • Is professionally made — amateur videos don’t add to your conversion goal
  • Doesn’t auto-play and annoy the viewer
  • Is muted if you choose the auto-play option
  • Is properly scripted
  • Has voiceover that is customer-centric and not company-centric

If you don’t have the budget to create a proper landing page video, you can add gifs to your pages instead.


Gifs are animated images and a good substitute for videos on landing pages. Contrary to static images, gifs add more depth to pages as they help explain offers in a better, more interactive way.

Instead of adding a screenshot of what your dashboard looks like, try adding a gif and show prospects how they can perform different actions in the dashboard, as shown in the example below:

Contextual Imagery on Landing Pages

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