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Landing Page Design Best Practices

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Read about landing page best practices that allow you to create pages that persuade visitors to convert into customers

Discover how you can use psychology to your advantage and fulfill your landing page goals

Learn how to design each landing page element so that it accomplishes your conversion goals

Find out how to optimize the pre-click and post-click marketing experience for your landing page visitors

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The guide begins discussing the importance landing pages have in marketing campaigns. The chapter goes into detail about why your standalone pages must only have one conversion goal if they are to succeed in converting your visitors.

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Using Psychology to Get Conversions

Psychology plays an integral role in landing page design. With psychology on your side, you can design landing page elements that persuade visitors to complete your conversion goal. The chapter discusses Robert Cialdini’s principles of persuasion as well as cognitive biases to give you the psychological perspective on landing page design best practices.

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Is the “fold” really important? The chapter gives you insights into where you need to place individual elements on your landing pages to maximize your conversion rates. In addition to discussing the importance of the page fold, the chapter also highlights the F and Z page patterns and the role conversion friction plays on your pages.

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Landing page copy allows you to communicate the benefits and features of your offer to your visitors. The chapter explains how much copy is necessary and the importance of customer-centric copy.

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This chapter discusses the different types of media you can use on dedicated pages including videos, images, and gifs. Each media type has pros and cons, and real-world landing page examples highlight these.

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Using Colors

Colors aren't only visual embellishments on landing pages. They play a big part in persuading visitors to click the call-to-action button. This chapter discusses color theory and the impact different colors have on the human psyche.

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Using White Space

The primary goal of all landing pages is to get a click on the call-to-action button. White space is an important design tool that directs your visitors’ attention toward the button. This chapter defines what white space is and how to utilize it best for landing page design.

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Ever wondered how many form fields to include to maximize conversions? How about the types of forms you can use? The chapter discusses the answers to these and other form-related questions in detail.

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CTA Button

Designing the perfect call-to-action button has a significant impact on your conversion rates. Figuring out the placement, copy, color, and size of your CTA button becomes easier once you go through this chapter.

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The Follow Up

Your customer's journey doesn’t end with a click on your landing page CTA button — that’s just the beginning. Find out how to optimize the post-click marketing journey and how to properly say thank you to the customer for choosing your offer.

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