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5 of the Best Recruitment Landing Pages You Will Find [Case Study]

How to Use Bid Adjustments with Demographics and Affinity Audiences

What Is Demographic Segmentation & Why Is It Necessary for Marketing Campaigns? [Examples]

Google Ads

How to Use Bid Adjustments with Demographics and Affinity Audiences

Earlier in 2018, Google announced a new responsive ad format that gives advertisers an extra headline. But it was a …

Lead Generation

13 Smart & Unique Ways to Get More Leads & Nurture Them to Sale

Marketers are always hunting for ways to increase business growth and asking themselves questions how to do better and be …

Instapage Updates

Marketo Webinar Summary: Get Their Top 4 Demand Generation Secrets

A top goal for all marketers and advertisers is to figure out how to win at demand gen. The problem is that everyone seems …


How AMP Pages Were Used Before, and How They’re Used Now

The AMP framework was developed due to the slow, lagging feel of the mobile web. The creators recognized this wasn’t …

Lead Generation

The 16 Best Ways You Should Be Repurposing Your Content

Repurposing content is one of those strategies that every content marketer knows they should be doing. The idea of …

Lead Generation

Tips from the Pros: How to Personalize Emails to Get Your Highest Results

It is a known fact that email marketing is the best channel when it comes to generating ROI. In fact, 89% of the marketers …

Conversion Optimization

The HubSpot Webinar Recap: Using Chatbots in Demand Gen Campaigns

Chatbots are quickly becoming the next big thing in lead generation for the simple fact that people seek immediacy with …


Maximizing Brand Exposure with the YouTube Masthead [Examples]

The YouTube Masthead is living proof that marketers are still taking advantage of outbound marketing tactics. A YouTube …


Mid Roll Ads: What are They & How Can You Use Them Most Effectively?

While watching videos on YouTube or Facebook, you likely came across mid roll ads at one point or another. Maybe you were …

Lead Generation

MQL vs. SQL: What is the Difference & When Should You Pass Leads to Sales?

MQL vs. SQL is a common area of disagreement between marketing and sales. However, this is an issue that needs to be …

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