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How to Find Long-Tail Keywords & Use Them for Better CPC & Results

Breaking Down eBay Promoted Listings: How to Get More People to Buy From You

How to Use Consumers' Purchase Intent to Generate Leads & Sales

Lead Generation

How to Use Consumers’ Purchase Intent to Generate Leads & Sales

Every advertiser knows that campaign success hinges on knowing your audience well. Things like their age, gender, marital …

Lead Generation

The Top 5 Email Design Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019 [Infographic]

Email marketing has fostered several different trends like dynamic content, gamification, typography, and rich media in …

Conversion Optimization

Best Practices for Email Subject Line Emojis to Maximize Campaign Results

Emoji usage has multiplied over the past several years, leading to the use of email subject line emojis. The first emojis …

Conversion Optimization

Heat Maps 101: The Complete Digital Marketer’s Guide to More Conversions

post-click landing pages are powerful marketing persuasion tools. When optimized properly, the combination of page elements …

Lead Generation

What is Ecommerce Marketing and How Do Brands Use These 5 Proven Strategies?

When you Google “diamond necklace,” you’ll see everything from a sterling silver necklace with a diamond …

Conversion Optimization

3 Ways to Use Direct Mail Postcards with Landing Pages

A spike in unsubscribes. Sagging open rates. Diminishing returns on each email you send. These signs of email fatigue …

Conversion Optimization

Get the Most Out of Your Ecommerce Email Marketing with These 5 Tips

You’ve created the perfect ecommerce post-click landing page for your online store. You’re collecting …

Conversion Optimization

How to Use Hashtags Successfully on All Major Social Platforms

To promote your brand on social media, you have to know how to use hashtags. The hash symbol, once known as the pound sign, …

Lead Generation

15 of the Best Ways to Acquire New Customers in Your Marketing & Ad …

You can spend countless hours working on a great idea and perfecting your product or service, but all future growth boils …

Lead Generation

A LinkedIn Ebook Case Study: From 4% to 17% Conversion Rate

As marketers, you often think of a new campaign asking yourself, “What’s next?” Especially in traditional …

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