Top 10 PPC Landing Page Tips

Top 10 PPC Landing Page Tips

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Let’s forget landing pages, optimization techniques and click through rates for a while and talk about something else; something magical. Something about a golden haired maiden, a specimen with cream colored skin and lips as red as a rose – an innocent girl who enters into someone else’s house – if you didn’t make it habit of dozing off during story time you might have ventured a guess about the identity of this curly haired girl.

Yes, I’m talking about Goldilocks! Why am I talking about Goldilocks? Because she has a special gift, a gift that the other fable princesses didn’t – the gift of identifying the best of things and then sticking to them (or sleeping on them, whatever the situation required).

Goldilocks tested what was perfect and then went for it, this is exactly what I’ve done for you – so, for the duration of this post I am your Goldilocks.

The Search…

I explored the web finding out what is it that makes a perfect PPC landing page; what tips and tricks do you, a marketer need to possess to ensure that the landing pages you build for your PPC campaigns never fail to bring you conversions. And I’m proud to tell you that I have succeeded, succeeded in finding out exactly what you need to do to help build the perfect page; the 10 best PPC landing page tips that are sure to double your conversions.

However, before we dive into these tips it’s pertinent for us to remember the significance of integrating landing pages with PPC campaigns and what needs to be done to ensure their triumph.

The Goods

Irrespective of the product that your landing page is promoting, you need to remember one very important thing – as soon as a customer clicks on your PPC ad he’s only going to spend about 5 seconds on your page before he decides whether your page is worth his time or not.

To ensure that your customer sticks around, come up with a headline that strongly matches your ad message so that your customer knows that he made a good decision when he clicked on to your page. Another important thing to consider is to make a separate and unique landing page for every new ad and every new offer, don’t try to pitch with the same bat every time; it’s good to have multiple bats on particular occasions. Now let’s move forward with the tips.

Tip 1: Become Goal Oriented

landing page goals

Before you go to the drawing board you need to define your landing page goals; what exactly are you striving to achieve through the page? Do you want to increase your form submissions, sign ups or do you want sales.

After you know what you want, get down to figuring out how you’re going to get it and most importantly how your close competitors are trying to achieve it. Doing some competitor research helps you get a fair idea of what’s been done and how you can do something that’s different.

Get a fair idea of your target audience and then gear everything towards them, all your actions from that point forward should be to impress and please your target audience. Your target audience is who you’re designing your PPC ad and landing page for, of course you need to make them happy, make their happiness your goal.

Tip 2: Go for the Path of Least Resistance

Never and I mean never lead your paid visitors to your homepage, why? Because, leading them there is only going to confuse them. As soon as your visitor clicks on your PPC ad he or she should be taken to a page where he’ll have no problem seeing your conversion goal, where clicking on the CTA button will seem like the most natural thing to do.

That is your PPC landing page!

A place where your conversion goals are well defined, a place that unlike your homepage isn’t promoting multiple offers.

Consistency is the key to a successful PPC campaign, and you can only establish consistency when your PPC ad leads your visitor right to your landing page.

Tip 3: Optimize Everything

Optimization is the magical cure that’s going to solve all your PPC campaign problems- whatever they may be. You need to optimize the *&&*&%$ out of all the elements of your page.

Keep your page’s readability high and its clutter as low as possible. Keep the content of your page to a minimum; add a bold headline and directional cues wherever necessary. Why? Because your visitors aren’t really going to be spending a lot of time on your landing page after they’ve clicked on your PPC ad, you need an optimized page to achieve your goals faster.

Tip 4: Singularity Rules All


Your landing page should have but one purpose, a single goal that you have defined at the start. All your landing page elements should designed only to consistently forward this goal.

Any element you find is a distraction from this goal, like a secondary CTA button perhaps, should be immediately scrapped no questions asked. Links that take your visitors away from your landing pages are also considered distractions because they literally make your visitors leave your landing page and stray away from the landing page pot of gold.

From your PPC ad all the way to your lead capture form, you should have only one purpose.

Tip 5: Increase your Credibility

Credibility is very important in the online world, without it no one really comes near your offer – and why would they. This is why Red Riding Hood wouldn’t give up her cookies to just anyone who said they were her grandmother and this is why your customers will not fill up your lead capture forms until they know that the information that they’re putting in is going to a reliable source.

Not everyone who’s going to click on your PPC ad is really going to do so with the goal of buying whatever it is that you’re selling, most of them will just be window shopping.
It is your responsibility to establish enough credibility with your wandering customer that he becomes your paid customer.

You can gain credibility for your landing page and by extension your brand through the following ways:

Tip 6: Have a Clear CTA Button on your Page

Green call to action button

Your CTA Button is the entire culmination of your landing page, the final destination of your visitors which makes it the most important element of your PPC landing page and the reason why you should never falter when it comes to your CTA Button.

The CTA button that goes on your page should be direct and to the point, no festering about, tell your visitors straight up what they’ll be getting once they click on your CTA and you’ll see that they’ll go for it more.

Be sure of one thing though, your CTA button text should directly correspond to your PPC ad message. If you’ve lured your visitors in by promising them a ticket to your flying time machine then your CTA button should say the same thing.

Tip 7: Have Brief and to the Point Copy

The research you did prior to building your landing page must have revealed the characteristics of your target audience, what they want to see in your page, use this information and write brief copy corresponding to this data.

You don’t need to add lines and lines of copy on your landing page just to get your point across. Explain the value of your product or service to your visitors, but do so with brevity.

The headline that goes on your page needs to be catchy, relevant yet brief. Pack a good punch in your headline to reel in your target audience. And it needs to be the same as your PPC ad.

Tip 8: Irrelevancy is a No Go

An irrelevant graphic is not only a mood killer but a conversion killer as well, which is why it has no room on your landing page. The image that goes on your page, should be interesting and relevant, an image that sparks something up in your visitors. Something that’s going to guide them towards the CTA button.

Include a graphic of your product being used, this helps your visitors get a clear idea of what they’ll be getting. You can also accomplish your goals by adding a video on your landing page. Video helps you a lot with your conversions.

Tip 9: Test, Test and Test Some More


It’s landing page testing that helps you build the perfect page because it helps you examine and re-examine your page again and again until you find the elements that make up the very best page.

You need to hold onto testing through your entire landing page building process, which is why Landing Page Testing isn’t just a single approach. There are different tests that you can do on your landing pages to help spice them up such as usability tests, A/B tests and multivariate tests.

Tip # 10: Become Social

You’ve just built an awesome PPC landing page, a page that you’ve tested and optimized, all that’s left for you to do now is to share it because guess what you’re not alone in the world and you need to spread out the word yourself.

Social media integration is very important, make it easy for your visitors to share your page- let them brag about your amazing service for more good luck.

That’s it folks, the 10 tips that once implemented will yield the perfect PPC landing page. Your Goldilocks tour has now ended – I have identified the best page for you, the page that’s sure to double your conversions.

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