The True Definition of Product Landing Pages & Why You Need Them to Generate Conversions

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Landing pages are versatile tools utilized across various industries, teams, and services to convert visitors for a specific offer. However, their utility goes beyond just this—specialized landing pages can be used to promote or sell your products.

These pages are called product landing pages.
Product landing pages are particularly favored by companies relying heavily on paid advertising. So, what exactly is a product landing page and why do you need one? Let’s dive in.

What is a product landing page?

A product landing page is a web page created to persuade visitors to take action on a product-related offer. In terms of design, it resembles a traditional landing pages, featuring elements focused on conversions, such as compelling headlines, benefit-oriented copy, hero images, social proof, and more. The critical difference is that these pages are used specifically by companies that sell products.

Your product landing page has three basic purposes:

  • Provide detailed information about the product you’re selling/promoting
  • Define product features and benefits to potential customers
  • Encourage visitors to click the call to action using credibility markers, such as social proof

What’s the difference between product pages and product landing pages

Product detail pages, much like product landing pages, provide information and images about a product, complete with a call-to-action button. However, they are not purpose-built for driving conversions.

For instance, let’s take a look at the product page for Insightly CRM:

This page encourages visitors to click the “request demo” call-to-action button. It includes benefit-oriented copy, a hero image, an explanatory video, and so on. However, there’s a significant drawback: it could be more straightforward with distractions like a navigation menu, links to other products, footer information, and social media icons. Each link allows visitors to navigate away from the page, diluting the primary call to action.

In contrast, the product landing page for Insightly CRM eliminates these distractions. It lacks navigation and content links, ensuring that the only way off the page is through the call-to-action button. This maintains a 1:1 conversion ratio, which is optimal for driving conversions. The conversion potential diminishes when a page is cluttered with numerous links and multiple goals, as is the case with a product page.

Why are product landing pages important?

Imagine a user who searches for a specific product, like a “social media listening tool,” and clicks on an ad that leads to a dedicated landing page:

Without navigation and footer distractions, this landing page aligns with the ad’s message and highlights the product’s benefits. The copy concisely focuses on crucial product advantages in easily scannable bullet points. The single call-to-action requires the visitor to decide whether to abandon the page or engage with the offer. A lead capture form collects essential information for sales follow-up, while recognizable logos lend credibility.

In this scenario, a product landing page is more effective than a product page due to several reasons:

  1. The visitor is actively seeking a specific product.
  2. The landing page maintains a focused, 1:1 conversion ratio.
  3. It matches the ad’s message, reassuring visitors they are in the right place.
  4. The personalization extends through the campaign, enhancing the user experience.

Choosing the Right Type of Page

Ultimately, determining whether to use a product landing page or a product page is straightforward. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the referral source paid or organic? Landing pages are optimized for ad campaigns, providing the tailored experience necessary for conversions.
  2. Is the primary purpose of the page conversion? While product pages can inform browsing users and offer conversion options, landing pages prioritize conversions.
  3. Where is the visitor in the buyer’s journey? Are they at the top or lower end of the funnel? Visitors evaluating products are more suited for landing pages, while those at the top might prefer product pages.

Creating Effective Product Landing Pages

Creating successful product landing pages requires integrating essential elements known for driving conversions. Here are some tips to enhance your pages:

  • Establish Trust and Anticipation: The headline of a product landing page differs from other pages. It must match the referring ad’s message while conveying the offer’s benefits. This alignment reassures visitors that they are in the right place. For instance, using recognizable logos bolsters authority.
  • Avoid overwhelming visitors with technical features that might not resonate with non-technical decision-makers. Instead, translate these features into tangible benefits that provide context and purpose.
  • Choose media elements that effectively showcase your product. Depending on the product’s complexity, this might involve using hero shots or explainer videos. Experiment with A/B testing to find the most effective approach.
  • Social proof, such as reviews or testimonials, provides an unbiased perspective that counters overpromising. These authentic endorsements carry more weight than self-promotion.

Implementing Product Landing Pages

In conclusion, while product and landing pages serve distinct purposes, both are crucial components of an effective marketing strategy. The choice between them depends on factors such as the user’s intent, the referral source, and the stage of the buyer’s journey.

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Ted Vrountas

by Ted Vrountas

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