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One of the biggest mistakes marketers continue to make is sending prospects to their homepage. The problem with that is homepages are not designed to convert traffic into leads. A homepage is typically more of a browsing experience for online users. Fortunately, there is a better option to convert traffic: lead capture pages.

A lead capture page is designed to convert traffic into leads because it is highly focused on a single offer.

Our latest guide, “What is a Lead Capture Page?,” will help you understand the fundamental best practices you need to create fully optimized pages.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll teach you:

  • The secrets behind successful lead capture pages, how they can help generate leads, and how they are different from other page types
  • Eight specific page elements to include on your lead capture pages to maximize conversions
  • The importance of A/B testing and what specific page elements to test to determine what’s assisting conversions — and what’s not
  • How to create lead capture pages and why a dedicated post-click landing page software is the best option

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To access the guide, click the image above or visit a chapter below.

Chapter 1: What are Lead Capture Pages?

The guide begins with a video defining lead capture pages and explaining how these types of pages are important for collecting leads. It also includes an in-depth look at how to optimize lead capture forms with the perfect balance of “ask” and “reward.”

Chapter 2: How are Lead Capture Pages Different from Your Homepage?

Knowing the difference between a homepage and lead capture page is an important distinction in digital marketing. Chapter 2 analyzes the difference between the two using a single brand to show an example of both types of pages. The chapter concludes by identifying one of the main elements marketers should avoid to eliminate distractions and maximize conversions.

Chapter 3: What Do I Include on My Lead Capture Pages?

There are eight specific page elements to design an optimized page. Chapter 3 explains each one and how they can be used to persuade visitors to convert. Salesforce and Shopify lead capture pages are analyzed in great detail, highlighting what is great about the page and what should be removed to increase conversions.

Chapter 4: How Do I A/B Test a Lead Capture Page?

A/B testing is imperative with post-click landing page optimization because, when done correctly, every new variation has the potential to improve your conversion rate. In chapter 4, learn what page elements should be tested — starting with number of form fields, two-step opt-in forms, and pre-filled forms.

Chapter 5: How Do I Create a Lead Capture Page?

The guide concludes by explaining the three main options marketers have when creating lead capture pages: requesting an in-house developer build the page, hiring an outside designer, or doing it yourself with a dedicated post-click landing page platform. Chapter 5 also details why opting for a post-click landing page platform is the best choice because you have the luxury of pre-built templates, built-in A/B testing, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with popular marketing software.

Learn more about lead capture pages today

For digital marketers, a lead capture page is essential to any campaign because this page type is highly focused on a single offer and is designed to convert. We’re confident you’ll learn everything necessary to create lead capture pages to maximize your lead generation efforts.

Get started with chapter 1 and feel free to share the guide with other marketers looking to design better post-click landing pages and earn higher ROI with their marketing campaigns.

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