What is a Lead Capture Page? - Instapage Guide

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Last updated on September 21, 2017
Learn how to create optimized lead capture pages that generate leads for your business
Discover the secrets behind successful lead capture pages, know what to include and what to leave out
A/B testing your capture pages informs what is converting on your page and what is not, learn what to test to make your pages more effective
Eight specific page elements you can use to convert maximum leads
Learn what page elements to A/B test — including two-step opt-in forms and pre-filled forms
Create your own successful lead capture pages that possess the right balance of “ask” and “reward”
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chapter 1

What are Lead Capture Pages?

A lead capture page is a type of landing page that helps you collect leads for your promotions. The chapter gives you an in-depth look at lead capture pages and how to optimize your lead forms, with examples.
chapter 2

How are Lead Capture Pages Different from Your Homepage?

The chapter analyzes the different page elements between a lead capture page and a homepage using a specific company as the example. To earn maximum conversions, it’s important to optimize your page accordingly.
chapter 3

What Do I Include on My Lead Capture Page?

Eight specific page elements are discussed and how they can be used to convert maximum leads. Shopify’s lead capture page is analyzed in great detail showing what is great and what needs to be removed to increase conversions.
chapter 4

How Do I A/B Test a Lead Capture Page?

A/B testing is important for your lead capture pages because every variation you create increases your chance of earning more leads. Learn what page elements to test — including two-step opt-in forms and pre-filled forms.
chapter 5

How Do I Create a Lead Capture Page?

The guide concludes by explaining two ways you can create lead capture pages and how you can use the most powerful landing page builder. Pre-built templates and marketing integrations make your lead capture page even more effective lead generation machines.