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When designed correctly, post-click landing pages provide visitors with a distraction-free medium to get acquainted with your brand and your marketing offers. These standalone pages are focused on convincing prospects to take action — creating an account, registering for an event, signing up for a webinar, and more.

Since post-click landing pages are dedicated to a single offer, optimizing each element is critical to establishing a stunning first impression and persuading visitors to convert.

Our brand new guide, What is post-click landing page Optimization?, is the perfect resource for all marketers looking to maximize leads and sales from all of their post-click landing pages.

In this new guide, we cover:

  • Why post-click landing page optimization is a fundamental component to the success of your marketing campaigns
  • What post-click landing page elements to include that persuade visitors to take action
  • Which user experience principles to include that will engage visitors and make every interaction count
  • The detailed, step-by-step process of creating an optimized post-click landing page from scratch

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You can access the guide by clicking the image above or visiting the Marketing Resources section of our website footer, listed as “post-click landing page Optimization.”

Here’s a brief chapter-by-chapter summary of each chapter contained within the guide:

Chapter 1: What is LPO?

Chapter 1 defines post-click landing page optimization and explains (with examples) why the practice is integral to your marketing success. It also compares post-click landing page optimization to conversion rate optimization, and briefly discusses the differences between a post-click landing page and a homepage.

Chapter 2: Components of LPO

There are several factors to consider before creating a post-click landing page. Chapter 2 explains those factors while briefly introducing the main components of an optimized post-click landing page.

Chapter 3: UX Principles Involved With Creating Optimized post-click landing pages

This chapter stresses that post-click landing page optimization isn’t just about visuals, but that the user experience is just as important. It then defines UX design and discusses each of the UX principles and strategies to implement when building optimized post-click landing pages.

Chapter 4: How to Create an Optimized Headline

The headline is typically the first element a visitor sees on a post-click landing page, so the headline must be engaging and ensure visitors don’t bounce immediately. Chapter 4 describes what makes an effective headline, various types of headlines, and some easy-to-follow headline formulas.

Chapter 5: How to Write Optimized Copy

Chapter 5 discusses the characteristics of optimized post-click landing page copy, explaining why it should be benefit-focused, readable, engaging, and personalized.

Chapter 6: How to Create Optimized Images/Video

Images and video serve two functions on post-click landing pages: they explain your product or service and add visual appeal. This chapter highlights the various roles images and videos can play on your post-click landing page, and how to create an optimized image or video.

Chapter 7: How to Create an Optimized Form

This chapter begins by explaining the importance of post-click landing page lead capture forms and their characteristics. It also describes the three main types of forms, with examples of each.

Chapter 8: How to Create an Optimized CTA Button

Chapter 8 discusses the role of the call-to-action button and the four characteristics that all buttons must have to persuade visitors to convert. The chapter concludes by describing secondary CTA buttons and how they work in conjunction with primary CTA buttons.

Chapter 9: How to Optimize Other post-click landing page Elements

This chapter examines customer badges, trust seals, and customer testimonials — page elements that add credibility to your post-click landing page and your brand when fully optimized.

Chapter 10: Measuring post-click landing page Optimization

This chapter highlights the data collection and analysis techniques marketers can use to find out which elements are contributing to conversions, including heat maps and A/B testing.

Chapter 11: How to Create an Optimized post-click landing page

The final chapter focuses on the step-by-step process to creating a professional post-click landing page — everything from selecting templates, to customizing elements, publishing options, and more.

Get started optimizing your post-click landing pages

Designing a post-click landing page that makes a great first impression and persuades visitors to convert can be challenging. But once you understand the fundamentals of post-click landing page optimization, you’ll be creating high-converting pages in no time.

With this new LPO guide, we’re confident that you and your team can create professional post-click landing pages for every stage of the marketing funnel. Don’t hesitate to refer to the guide whenever necessary and feel free to share it with others trying to boost their conversion rates.

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