What is Landing Page Optimization? - Instapage Guide

What is Landing Page Optimization?

Why should you read this guide?

Take a peek behind the landing page optimization curtain and find out why optimizing landing pages is crucial to the success of your marketing campaigns

Find out what elements you need to include on your landing pages to persuade visitors to fulfill the landing page goal

Discover the user experience principles you need to include on landing pages to make every visitor interaction on your landing page count

Learn the seamless process of creating an optimized landing page from scratch

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What is LPO?

This chapter defines what landing page optimization is and why the practice is integral to your marketing success. Also highlighted in the chapter are the differences between a homepage and a landing page.

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Components of LPO

The chapter explains the things you need to take care of before you create a landing page, while briefly discussing all the components of an optimized landing page.

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UX Principles that go into Creating Optimized Landing Pages

A landing page with good User Experience makes the visitor feel at ease when interacting with the page. Discover what UX strategies you need to implement on your landing page in this chapter.

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How to Create an Optimized Headline

The landing page headline is the first page element the visitor sees, an optimized headline makes sure the visitor stays on the page. The chapter goes into detail about what makes a headline effective, while discussing some easy to follow headline formulas.

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How To Write Optimized Copy

This chapter discusses the characteristics of optimized landing page copy, explaining how you can craft copy that’s relevant, personalized and engaging.

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How to Create Optimized Images/Video

This chapter highlights the role images and videos play on your landing page, detailing how you should use each media type on your landing page.

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How to Create an Optimized Form

Lead capture forms enable you to collect vital visitor information, this chapter explains how you should optimize your forms that don’t cause landing page friction.

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How To Create an Optimized CTA Button

This chapter discusses the role the call to action button plays on a landing page, and the four characteristics that all CTA buttons must have to get visitors to convert on landing pages.

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How to Optimize Other Landing Page Elements

The chapter highlights page elements that allow you to create credible landing pages that your visitors don’t hesitate to convert on.

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Measuring Landing Page Optimization

This chapter highlights all the data collection and analysis techniques you need to know to find out where you stand in your landing page optimization process.

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How to Create an Optimized Landing Page

The chapter describes the step by step process you need to follow to create a professional optimized landing page in a matter of minutes.

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