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No matter what industry you operate in, post-click landing pages are the gateways to targeting your specific audience, collecting valuable user information, and delivering higher conversion rates. That’s why at Instapage, we believe every one of your offers should have its own dedicated post-click landing page.

If you’re new to the process, building an optimized landing page may not be so intuitive. There are many best practices to incorporate and specific page elements to include.

In our new resource, we feature some of the best post-click landing page examples, in hopes of inspiring you with new ideas and design techniques when creating your post-click landing pages.

With the new guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why post-click landing pages are essential to achieving higher conversion rates (when optimized with the right elements)
  • The eight core elements to include on your post-click landing page — from your headline to your CTA button
  • The conditions each of those elements needs to fulfill to create a high-converting post-click landing page
  • How you can create a professional landing page quickly and easily leveraging some proven design techniques

Best post-click landing page Examples Guide

To access the complete guide, click the image above or visit a specific chapter by following the links below.

Chapter 1: Overview

The guide begins by defining what a post-click landing page is and explaining why these pages are important for generating conversions. The chapter then introduces the eight core elements needed to create an optimized post-click landing page, which are highlighted by two post-click landing page examples.

Chapter 2: Primary Headline

This chapter outlines the three goals your headline must achieve, and the four main approaches you can take with your headline. Before the chapter concludes, two post-click landing page examples help demonstrate the characteristics of a stellar headline.

Chapter 3: Secondary Headline

In some cases, a primary headline isn’t enough, and a secondary headline is also necessary. This is often the case when the main headline is too long to look appealing to visitors, so a secondary headline is needed to reinforce the central idea. Chapter 3 describes how to write effective secondary headlines supported by two examples from well-known brands.

Chapter 4: Unique Value Proposition

Your post-click landing page copy should always present a unique value proposition (UVP) — what separates you from your competitors — because this can have a substantial impact on your conversions. This chapter outlines how to construct your UVP and how bullet points can help you get your point across.

Chapter 5: Trust Indicators

Since trust and credibility are vital for high-converting post-click landing pages, Chapter 5 goes into detail on the five different ways you can make your pages more credible and trustworthy. They include statistical evidence, customer badges, customer testimonials, a privacy policy, and third-party seals — each supported by an example.

Chapter 6: Call-to-Action Buttons

The CTA button is unequivocally the most important post-click landing page element because it’s what generates the conversion. Marketers should carefully design their CTA buttons with four criteria in mind: color, size, placement, and copy. Read chapter 6 to learn how to optimize your buttons for maximum visibility and clickability.

Chapter 7: Images

In addition to having visual appeal, your post-click landing page images need to help persuade visitors to convert on your offer. Chapter 7 teaches you all the ways images can assist you in reaching your conversion goal and showcases real post-click landing page examples to demonstrate how the right image can do just that.

Chapter 8: Videos

Chapter 8 describes how post-click landing page videos can explain your offer in a much more interactive way than copy. With the help of two examples, the chapter highlights post-click landing page video best practices, including the use of gifs, autoplay settings, video length, and voiceover features.

Chapter 9: Lead Capture Forms

Once you have optimized the rest of your page, you still need to collect the visitor’s information; that’s where the lead capture form comes into play. Design them incorrectly, and you hurt your conversion rates significantly. This chapter explains why form placement is important and how two-step opt-in forms can reduce anxiety and help generate conversions.

Chapter 10: How Do I Create a High-Converting post-click landing page?

When it comes to creating your best post-click landing page, you have several options — but there is only one option that makes sense for you to scale your campaigns efficiently. The guide concludes by comparing these options and explaining why selecting a dedicated post-click landing page software is the smartest choice without requiring any design or coding experience.

Learn from the best post-click landing page examples

Dedicated post-click landing pages allow you to promote your offers to a targeted audience, collect valuable information from potential customers, and achieve higher conversion rates than with any other web page. We’re confident that our latest guide will inspire you to design optimized pages for all of your campaigns and earn a higher ROI.

We encourage you to refer to the guide as necessary throughout the post-click landing page design process and feel free to share it with other marketers looking to optimize their campaigns.

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