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Best Landing Page Examples

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Landing pages are the gateways to higher conversion rates when optimized with the right elements. Learn what it takes to create persuasive landing pages

Read about the eight core elements to creating landing pages that have the potential to convert visitors into customers

Understand what conditions your page elements need to fulfill to create the perfect landing page — from the headline to your customer testimonials

Learn how you can create high‑converting landing pages quickly in a matter of minutes

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This chapter introduces the eight core elements needed to create an optimized landing page. The core elements are highlighted with the help of two high-converting landing page examples.

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Primary Headline

This chapter goes into detail on how to write an effective primary landing page headline — highlighted by two persuasive examples.

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Secondary Headline

Sometimes having a primary headline is not enough, which is why a secondary headline is needed to reinforce the central idea. This chapter discusses when landing pages require a secondary headline and how to write them effectively.

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Unique Value Proposition

Your unique value proposition (UVP) is what separates you from your competitors and can have a huge impact on your conversions. This chapter goes into detail on how to write your UVP on your page with the help of landing page examples.

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Trust Indicators

Trust and credibility are vital for high-converting landing pages. The chapter describes the different ways you can make your pages more credible and trustworthy by using statistics, testimonials, a privacy policy, and more.

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Call-to-Action Buttons

This chapter discusses everything about call-to-action buttons. Button copy, size, color, and positioning are all explained in great detail.

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A relevant and meaningful image can make or break your conversion rate. Learn how to include the right image on your page to enhance your brand message and assist with conversions.

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The chapter discusses the best practices for landing page videos that persuade your visitor to convert on your form — including video length, voiceover, and how to use gifs to increase conversions.

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Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms are the most important page element, so it’s critical you design them carefully. This chapter describes how you can create forms in which visitors have no other choice but to submit their information to you.

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How Do I Create a High-Converting Landing Page?

There are a few primary methods to creating a landing page — but only one method saves you significant time and money. Learn how to build your own page quickly and easily without HTML or design experience.

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