How Donation Landing Pages Were Used in the 2018 Midterm Elections

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As you know by now, the midterm election results are in — Democrats won the house and Republicans took the Senate.

With Democrats flipping the house, it wouldn’t be wrong to say the election results were unprecedented. What was even more unexpected than the blue wave sweeping the house was fundraising total in this election cycle.

The Democrats broke fundraising records by raising more than a billion dollars, the highest amount any party has ever raised in one election cycle. A lot of this can be traced back to election post-click landing pages:

Republicans may have lagged behind in total dollar amount, however fundraising in this election was still exponentially higher than previous cycles.

What are election post-click landing pages?

Election post-click landing pages are dedicated pages created to persuade users to perform an action in relation to an upcoming election or politics in general. Usually, these pages are used to collect donations, sell rally tickets, join political forums, and offer volunteering jobs.

Donation post-click landing pages were a major part of this midterm election, especially on the democratic side. ActBlue, a fundraising tool helped Democrats raise donations from grassroots donors. The platform used mobile-optimized forms, and easy-to-use analytics to help Democratic candidates, committees, parties, and organizations raise money from small-dollar donors.

How donation post-click landing pages were used in the midterms

Political marketing campaigns played a huge role in the 2016 presidential election, both parties launched optimized email campaigns and created post-click landing pages to get donations and sway voters to their side.

The midterm elections were no different. With fundraising being a huge part of any election, and the 2018 midterms in particular, let’s analyze how ActBlue, and both political parties used donation post-click landing pages to fund their respective campaigns.

1. ActBlue

2. Andrew Gillum

3. Bill Nelson

4. Ted Cruz

5. Joe Donnelly

Donation post-click landing pages help with fundraising campaigns

The world has gone digital, and election campaigns are no different.

Election post-click landing pages, specifically donation pages, can persuade visitors to donate for your cause. To ensure your page is optimized, think about the user experience and create A/B tests when the time is right.

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