What is Event Marketing? - Instapage Marketing Guide

Why Should You Read This Guide?

Last updated on August 11, 2017

Discover how events can be used in your marketing strategy to build awareness and increase customer engagement.

Find out how companies are using event marketing in their campaigns.

Explore the different types of events and various roles your company can have at an event.

Learn how to prepare for your event to ensure successful results.

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chapter 1

What is Event Marketing?

This chapter explains what event marketing is, the impact it can have, and why you should implement it in your marketing strategy.
chapter 2

Why are Companies Using Event Marketing?

The reasons companies use event marketing are discussed in detail: building brand awareness, increasing customer engagement, lead generation efforts, educating customers, and to upsell customers.
chapter 3

What Kind of Marketing Events are There?

Discussed in this chapter are the different types of events brands can host or participate in, including in-person and online events.
chapter 4

What Role Can My Company Have at an Event?

This chapter examines the various roles your company can at a marketing event.
chapter 5

How Should I Prepare for Marketing Events?

Setting expectations, creating measurable goals, and promoting your event are all key to a successful event. Find out how to properly prepare for your event in this chapter.
chapter 6

What Should I Do At The Event?

Discover how to promote your product or service authentically, engage with customers, and use real-time social media during your event.
chapter 7

What Should I Do When Our Marketing Events are Over?

Find out how to ensure your event meets expectations and brings your company meaningful results with a post-event follow-up plan.