What is Content Marketing? - Instapage Marketing Guide

What is Content Marketing?

Why should you read this guide?

Discover the potential content marketing campaigns possess to increase your business’ brand awareness and growth.

Find out the types of content assets you can produce for content marketing campaigns and review the distribution channels available to distribute and promote your content.

Learn why content engineering is the future of content marketing and how to use it to produce more personalized and engaging content.

Explore the design principles you should add to your content marketing campaigns to increase user engagement.

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What is Content Marketing?

The chapter begins with a video definition of content marketing and discusses the types of assets and models you can use in content marketing campaigns. Closing out the chapter, buyer personas, mediums, understanding the customer journey, and frameworks are all explained.

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How Do You Create a Content Marketing Strategy?

The four steps to developing a documented content marketing strategy are explained in chapter 2 and why an editorial calendar is an important part of that strategy. Finally, the most common metrics and KPIs are listed based on reach, engagement, and conversions.

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Why Content Engineering is the Future of Content Marketing

Chapter 3 focuses on content engineering and how it helps marketers create better, personalized content experiences for target audiences. Also discussed are earned, owned, and paid media and how each distribution method intersect with one another as they’re applied to different channels.

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How to Create a Content Marketing Distribution Strategy

The chapter elaborates on the three content distribution methods by explaining the similarities and differences of each. Each strategy is discussed in detail supported by statistics while mentioning some popular platforms to distribute content.

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Importance of Design in Content Marketing Campaigns

Great design is not just pretty to look at, it’s essential for engaging an audience and persuading them to take action. Chapter 5 discusses the importance of visual simplicity and UX principles you should include with your content assets so visitors engage with your content and perform the desired action.

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