What is Content Marketing?- Instapage Marketing Guide

Why Should You Read This Guide?

Last updated on August 17, 2017

Discover the potential content marketing campaigns possess to increase your business growth.

Find out the types of content assets you can produce for your content marketing campaigns and have a look at the distribution channels you can use to distribute and promote your content.

Learn why content engineering is the future of content marketing and how you can use the field to produce better personalized and engaging content.

Take a peek at the design principles you need to add to your content marketing campaigns to increase user engagement.

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chapter 1

What is Content Marketing?

The chapter defines what content marketing is, and discusses the types of content assets you can use in your content marketing campaigns. It also discusses different content marketing models you can use for your campaigns.
chapter 2

How Do You Create a Content Marketing Strategy?

The chapter first defines what a content marketing strategy is and why you need to have a documented strategy to ensure your content marketing success. It then details the exact steps you need to follow to create a content marketing strategy.
chapter 3

Why Content Engineering is the Future of Content Marketing

This chapter discusses the concept of content engineering, and how it helps marketers to create better, more personalized content experiences for their target audience in different formats and on different channels.
chapter 4

How to Create a Content Marketing Distribution Strategy

The chapter discusses the three different content distribution channels you can use in your content marketing campaigns. Each distribution channel strategy is discussed in detail helping you create better content marketing campaigns.
chapter 5

Importance of Design in Content Marketing Campaigns

The chapter talks about the importance of good design for your content marketing campaigns. It discusses user experience principles you need to include on your content assets so it’s easier for visitors to engage with your content and perform the desired action.