What to Include on Your Squeeze Page - Instapage Guide

What is a Squeeze Page?

Chapter 4

What to Include on Your Squeeze Page

The elements below should be included on your squeeze page to maximize conversions:

  • An engaging and relevant headline
  • Brief copy that clearly explains the value of the offer
  • An image of the offer that’s being promoted
  • A form that has no friction points
  • A CTA button that has personal copy and contrasts well with your page design

An example of a great squeeze page is Ramit Sethi’s page for his New York Times bestseller book, which asks for both the visitor’s name and email address:

I Will Teach You to be Rich Squeeze Page Example

Let’s analyze the elements and see what’s working:

  • An engaging headline that everyone can relate to… who doesn’t want to live a rich life?
  • A picture of what is being offered
  • A picture of the author, Ramit Sethi
  • Creates urgency: Short copy that explains this promotion is something he has never offered before, and is only making available for a limited time
  • A simple form requesting name and email only
  • A CTA button that includes personal copy and uses a contrasting color
  • Disclaimer promising “100% privacy. No games, no B.S., no spam.”

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