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What is a Squeeze Page?

Why should you read this guide?

Learn how to create effective squeeze pages that don’t make your visitors cringe

Get in on the art of “squeezing leads” from your offers by creating dedicated squeeze pages

Discover which elements make your squeeze pages powerful lead generation tools, and which elements distract your visitors from your goal

Learn what offers or incentives convince users to provide you their email address — and those that don’t

Understand why most marketers value squeeze pages as one of their most effective lead generation tools

Learn what to A/B test on your squeeze pages and gain an edge over the competition

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What are Squeeze Pages?

A squeeze page is designed to squeeze a visitor’s email address from them by offering something valuable in return — like a free ebook or a podcast. Squeeze pages are extremely important for your marketing campaigns because they allow you to start building a lasting relationship with your visitors.

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How are Squeeze Pages Different from Landing Pages?

Let’s go into detail about the differences between squeeze pages and landing pages using examples of both types of pages.

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How is a Squeeze Page Different from a Homepage?

It’s time to dive deeper into the differences between a squeeze page and a homepage while analyzing how to use each page effectively to generate conversions.

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What to Include on Your Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages should be very simply designed. We’ll discuss all of the elements needed to create a high-converting squeeze page. From the headline to the image to the customer testimonials — this chapter has you covered.

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Who Typically Uses Squeeze Pages?

Although some industries use them more often, squeeze pages are not industry-specific. Here we talk about what kind of squeeze pages you need to create depending on your niche or industry — with examples.

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How Do I Generate Traffic to a Squeeze Page?

Both paid and unpaid strategies can be successful at generating traffic for squeeze pages. It’s time to talk about the specific techniques you need to promote your squeeze pages for maximum ROI.

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How Do I Improve Squeeze Page Conversions?

An optimized squeeze page is a great tool to collect email addresses. Improving your squeeze page through A/B testing is the best way to learn which variation is performing best. Here, the A/B testing process is outlined along with specific page elements you should be testing.

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How Do I Create a Squeeze Page?

There are two primary methods you can use to create effective squeeze pages. Learn how to build your own page with a pre-made template and have a beautifully-designed page in as little as three minutes.

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