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What is a Sales Page?

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Long-form sales pages vs. short. Know when to use one or the other and how each can affect your sales

The design and copy essentials you need to make your offer irresistible to visitors

Create optimized sales pages without any hassle using pre-optimized templates and a design-friendly landing page builder

Setting yourself up for sales success is as easy as A/B testing your pages and knowing which elements to test

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What are Sales Pages?

Sales pages are standalone pages created with the intent of promoting one offer and one offer alone. The chapter goes into detail about the two types of sales pages you can create for your product or service while showcasing examples of both types of pages.

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How are Sales Pages Different Than Landing Pages and Your Homepage?

Find out what separates a sales page from a landing page and a homepage with the help of real-world examples of all three types of web pages. The elements that differentiate these pages are also discussed at length.

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What Do I Include on My Sales Page?

The elements you include on your sales pages determine its success. Learn which elements to include to make your pages more effective. Also, get to know which element you should never include on your sales pages in this chapter.

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What Industries Should Use Sales Pages?

Discover which industries typically use sales pages, and which type of sales page suits the kind of offer you’re promoting. The chapter also showcases examples of sales pages from different industries and highlights the two main techniques you can use to promote your sales pages.

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How Do I Create a Sales Page?

Learn how to create sales pages using easy-to-customize templates, and find out how to edit them in a fully-customizable builder that cuts your landing page creation work in half.

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How Do I A/B Test My Sales Page?

A/B testing allows you to create different variations of your sales page, enabling you to ascertain which one brings in the most conversions. Find out which elements to test on your sales pages, with examples of testing case studies to help you with your testing endeavors.

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