Creating Mobile Landing Pages - Instapage Guide

What is a Mobile App Landing Page?

Chapter 9

Creating Mobile Landing Pages

Creating mobile landing pages are no different than creating desktop pages. You simply need a professional software to create and publish your page. Fortunately, if you are an Instapage user, you’re already halfway there! If you’re not an Instapage user yet, click here to sign up for a trial account.

To create a mobile app landing page with Instapage, follow these steps:

1. Login to your Instapage account:

Instapage Application Login

2. Click the blue “Create New Page” button:

Create New Page with Instapage

3. Click the “Pick a Template” option:
Instapage's Template Importer Feature

4. Select a template design from the “Mobile App” category:

Instapage's Mobile App Templates

5. Choose a name for your page:

Choose Name for Instapage Landing Page

6. “Mobile-enable” your page and customize it according to your offer:

Mobile-enable Instapage Landing Page

7. Click “Preview” to check your customized landing page and if you’re satisfied, click “Publish” in the top-right corner:

Preview Instapage Landing Page

A/B testing mobile app landing pages are just as easy with Instapage as well. Just click “Create an A/B Test” and make your desired change. Next, click “Publish again to make sure your new variation is live online:

A/B Testing Instapage Landing Pages

Two examples of mobile landing pages built with Instapage are TalentScout and Paynote, respectively:

TalentScout's Mobile Landing Page

Paynote's Mobile Landing Page

Mobile app landing pages are the future of digital marketing and companies that don’t utilize this technology will regret not doing so as competitors get the edge over you.

Don’t let that happen to you. Get started today by creating your professional mobile app landing page with Instapage’s designer-friendly software.

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