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What is a Mobile App Landing Page?

Chapter 6

Mobile App Landing Pages on Android devices

This chapter will showcase a variety of mobile post-click landing pages on different Android mobile devices, which will give you an idea of how different the pages look depending on screen size.

Operator is a mobile shopping app that connects you to experts to help you find what you want when you want it.

Here’s what their mobile app page looks like on Samsung Galaxy S7: on Samsung Galaxy S7

On the Samsung Note 4: on Samsung Note 4

On Google’s Nexus 6P: on Google Nexus 6P

On Motorola X 2nd Gen: on Motorola X 2nd Gen

They all look identical, right? Well, each one has subtle differences in how the page is displayed. For example, on the Nexus 6P you can see more of the man’s hands whereas the Motorola X 2nd Gen, his hands are almost entirely hidden by the bottom bar (until you scroll down of course).

The key thing to remember is that each mobile devices type will display pages a little differently because the page is responsive to each screen size.

Facebook Moments is an app that allows you to sync, group, and organize your Facebook photos. The first device we’ll look at is the Samsung Galaxy S7:

Facebook Moments on Samsung Galaxy S7

Next is the Samsung Note 4:

Facebook Moments on Samsung Note 4

The Nexus 6P:

Facebook Moments on Nexus 6P

And the Motorola X 2nd Gen:

Facebook Moments on Motorola X 2nd Gen

Both Operator and the Moments app are examples of good responsive mobile app pages because they are optimized regardless of which device you viewed them on.

Now, let’s see what optimized mobile app post-click landing pages look like on tablets.


JibJab is a fun app for texting, tweeting and posting. On a Samsung Galaxy tablet, this is how JibJab’s mobile app page displays in landscape mode:

JibJab on Samsung Galaxy Tablet

This is how their page looks on Google’s Nexus 9, this time in portrait mode:

JibJab on Google Nexus 9

The bottom line is this: Visitors will only convert on your mobile app pages if the pages are responsive and optimized for every screen size.

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