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What is a Lead Capture Page?

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What are Lead Capture Pages?

A lead capture page is a type of post-click landing page differentiated by an optimized lead capture form. This form allows you to collect leads for your respective offers and nurture them down your marketing funnel.

To be successful collecting leads, your capture pages need to have the right balance of “ask” and “reward.” The “ask” are the form fields you use, and the “reward” is the offer you’re promoting.

A lead capture page that asks visitors for irrelevant information to the offer is abandoned because a poorly-optimized lead capture form is one of the leading causes of post-click landing page friction. Ideally, your form should not ask for more than basic contact information on the user’s first interaction with your company.

For example, if you’re offering a more top-of-the-marketing-funnel resource such as a free ebook or webinar; your lead capture form should have no more than three form fields. Anything more and you risk scaring them away on your first interaction. You can create a more detailed form if you’re offering something such as a free trial or a product demonstration. The length of the form also depends on how far down your customers are in your funnel.

Real-world example: The Intercom lead capture page below only requests the visitor’s email address in exchange for a book — even though the post-click landing page is quite detailed. The page includes testimonials, customer badges, author introductions, and chapter breakdowns. But the page’s form length is short and sweet:

Intercom Lead Capture Page Example

How to optimize your lead capture forms

The main featured element of all lead capture pages is the form because it ultimately decides if the page will succeed or fail. However, form length is just one piece of the puzzle. To optimize your forms, you must pay attention to the following elements:

1. Form Position

Your post-click landing page’s length will help you decide where to position the form. If you have a short-form post-click landing page, the form should be placed above the fold. For long-form post-click landing pages, you have the choice of placing your form both above and below the fold.

As a general rule, offers that require more explanation or request payment should first explain the offer’s value — and then ask visitors for their information. If the value is simple to understand, the form can be placed above the fold.

2. Form Length

The number of fields doesn’t just depend on the visitor’s ease of use to complete it. Lead quality is a big factor as well.

Shorter forms typically collect more (but lower quality leads) because visitors don’t have to provide as much personal information — only name and email address, for example. Case in point, Marketing Experiments performed a case study reducing twenty lead fields to four — and saw an 188.46% increase in leads!

A longer form typically collects fewer (but higher quality leads) because visitors are willing to provide more information about themselves — such as email address, business address, geographical location, company revenue, and size.

3. Link to Privacy Policy

Alongside your form, including a “Privacy Policy” or “Terms and Conditions” link can help soothe visitors’ anxiety and encourages them to convert.

4. CTA button

The CTA button you place at the bottom of your lead capture form must fulfill some prerequisites to entice your visitors to submit their information.

To maximize conversions, the CTA button must:

  • Be a contrasting color
  • Be noticeable
  • Be written with personalized copy

A Visual Website Optimizer A/B test demonstrated by changing the CTA button copy from “Join Us!” to “Make Money Flipping Websites”, clickthroughs increased by 33.10%:

this image shows a personalized copy button test

Why are lead capture pages important?

Lead capture pages are important because they help you collect valuable information from your customers — allowing you to nurture them further down your marketing funnel.

With the help of lead capture pages, you strengthen your relationship with your target customers.

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