What is Google AdWords?

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Discover how Google AdWords works and leverage the paid marketing channel’s power to promote your marketing campaigns

Learn the steps of setting up your Google AdWords campaign, from selecting keywords to connecting ads to landing pages.

Find out how to create optimized ads and landing pages that grab your visitor's’ attention and get them to convert on your offers

Find out the common Google AdWords mistakes marketers are bound to make, and learn how to avoid them

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How Does Google AdWords Work?

The chapter goes into detail about how Google AdWords works. It discusses Google’s auction system and how you can run your ads in Google’s Search and Display Ad Network.

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How Do You Set Up an AdWords Campaign?

Go through the exact steps you need to take to launch your first AdWords marketing campaign, how to choose keywords and group them into Ad groups.

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How Do You Create an Optimized Ad?

Your PPC ad is the first interaction you initiate with your audience, to make sure you leave the right impression find out how to create optimized search and display ads that stand out.

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Why It's Important to Connect All Your AdWords Ads with Relevant Landing Pages

Included in this chapter are the two main reasons why you need to connect your ads with relevant landing pages instead of directing visitors to cluttered homepages.

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Common Google AdWords Mistakes to Avoid

When setting up your AdWords campaigns you are bound to make a mistake or two, this chapter goes into detail about the common mistakes marketers make with their campaigns and discusses ways you can avoid them.

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